Hugh Hewitt

The use of chemical weapons against hundreds if not thousands of civilians in Syria and the burning of scores of Christian churches in Egypt raises the central question of our time: Will America stand by and allow pure evil to kill thousands on the basis of ethnic and religious identification?

This month’s thousands will be next month’s tens of thousands, and this month’s “scores of churches” will be next month’s hundreds of churches.

Genocide aimed at Christians is brewing among the Islamists of Egypt and genocide against Sunni Muslims is on the agenda in Syria.

It is “complicated,” we are told, but U.N Ambassador Samantha Power wrote the book on genocide. Really. It is called A Problem from Hell: America and the Age ofGenocide. Surely Ambassador Power can unravel the complications.

But Ambassador Power skipped the meeting on the Syrian use of chemical weapons. Busy, busy, busy. She did tweet her outrage.

Think about that. To make your academic and journalistic bones writing about genocide and then to skip the meeting on...genocide.

The president made some speech somewhere about something having to do with how Obamacare isn’t the obvious disaster that it is. Joe Biden is gearing up for 2016. The Clintons are avoiding New York Times’ reporters. John McCain and Lindsey Graham are convinced the Muslim Brotherhood are a lot like the British Labor Party, shut out of British politics by the Labor and Tories in the late 19th century.

In short, it’s August in “Our Town,” and no one can be bothered to ask, much less be obliged to answer, the tough questions: How many churches must burn and how many Syrians must gasp for air and then die before President Obama and his cracker-jack team of advisors decide we have to act. In an F-18 kind of way.

Don’t hold your breath. Didn’t work for the Syrians and it won’t work for the Americans looking for a coherent foreign policy.

Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt is host of a nationally syndicated radio talk show. Hugh Hewitt's new book is The War On The West.