Hugh Hewitt

Wednesday's appearance by the Internal Revenue Service's Lois Lerner coupled with the burgeoning scandal's reach into the White House --see this post by Townhall's Carol Platt Liebau--underscores the pressing need for the appointment by the Attorney General of a special prosecutor with wide ranging and independent authority to investigate the wrongdoing connected with the targeting of Tea Party and religiously-motivated tax-exempt groups by the IRS.

More on "targetgate" will appear soon at National Review Online by Eliana Johnson and other members of the NRO team that will confirm what a string of center-left and MSM commentators --Bloomberg's Jonathan Alter and Al Hunt and the New York Times' Michael Shear-- have said on my radio show the past three days: The scandals are outrageous and the need for a special prosecutor is urgent.

Some of the journalists on the left have as their concern the salvaging of the Obama presidency before it enters into what would quickly become the longest second term in history, a prolonged drip, drip, drip of revelations and paralysis. They wish to spare the president the relentless grinding down of his office and thus of the country's ability to respond to crisis at home and abroad.

Some of us wouldn't mind paralysis of this presidency, at least with regard to the president's ambitions for domestic lawmaking, but a second and to my mind far more compelling reason for a special prosecutor than the protection of the president's political standing is the protection of the innocent within and outside the government.

Hugh Hewitt

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