Hugh Hewitt

On Tuesday night the report of the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration on the great Tea Party purge was released.

This is a terrible report. Just begin reading it and you will quickly realize that you are in the the swamp of obfuscation and CYA.

On the "Highlights" page there are more questions raised than answered --questions such as who ordered "donor information received in response to a request destroyed" and who at the IRS, specifically, rejected some of the IG's recommendations and "alternative corrective actions?" Mixed into the first page of sanitized disclosures is the "request that social welfare activity guidance be developed by the Department of the Treasury," an invitation to Obama Administration appointees and senior bureaucrats to issue regulations that include or exclude groups from tax exempt status --from the very same agency that has been unable to stop a campaign of intimidation against Tea Party groups that reached far and wide and which extended back to "[e]arly in Calendar Year 2010."

What is most remarkable about the report is the wholesale lack of detail about who, what, where and when? Take page 3, for example, when the report states "During the 2012 election cycle, some members of Congress raised concerns to the IRS about selective enforcement and the duty to treat similarly situated organizations consistently." There is no footnote citing which members or to copies of their complaints or to transcripts of hearings at which such concerns were voiced. Readers are thus unable to judge if the report is referring to a couple of complaints that arrived via form letter from low level Congressional staffers or if this reference is intended to cover the willful deception of Senator Hatch.

Hugh Hewitt

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