Fritz Pfister

The solution to the American debt crisis is economic growth. After three years of progressive economic rule the economy is at risk of slipping into another recession exacerbating the debt. Pro-tax, pro-spend, anti-growth, anti-fossil fuel policies have led us here.

Yet the Obama administration says we’ve turned the corner and deserves four more years to finish the job. What evidence of a turnaround? Jobs? Nope, unemployment has remained above 8% for thirty six straight months. Housing? Nope, existing home sales 60% of healthy, new home sales 40%.

The economy cannot fully recover until housing recovers. Housing won’t recover until there are jobs created adding buyers to the market.

The very ones who create problems are now telling the American people they are the ones who can fix problems. They are asking the American people to send back the arsonists to put out the fire.

Granted the economic crisis was not solely Obama’s making. Those responsible are progressives of both parties who passed laws, and regulations that suppresses, not encourages economic growth.

Is it possible to achieve recovery by following the same policies, or is stagnation the highest achievable outcome when dictates from central planners crush entrepreneurs, and business owner’s plans? How can anyone plan a budget with perpetual dictates coming from an Imperial presidency, and omnipotent bureaucracy?

Obamacare, Dodd Frank, EPA regulations must be repealed for America to be able to realize full growth potential. These not only suppress economic growth, they shift power from the individual to the central planner. Patently un-American in nature, destructive of our economy, and way of life.

Just when the economy begins to show signs of life progressive ideology slams the door shut. After the most wasteful spending in our nation’s history, adding $5 trillion to our debt in just four years, comes radical environmental ideology driving up gas and food prices; by design to advance the fairy tale green economy.

Six months of minimal job increases will come to an end or falter at best. Although barely enough job creation to meet the demands of new entrants into the workforce, team Obama declares this success. No, it’s an embarrassment and a failure. The longest time between the end of recession and recovery ever.

The housing market is off to its best start in years due to record low interest rates, mild weather, and pent up demand. People must be sick and tired of waiting for the promised recovery to arrive, and are taking action. A smart move to lock in a low cost for housing.

Fritz Pfister

Fritz began his Real Estate career in 1987 and has been with RE/MAX since 1989.