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Virginia Senator and presidential prospect George Allen headlined a fundraiser for South Carolina Representative Ralph Norman in late March. Norman, 52, a developer from the Charlotte suburb of Rock Hill, SC, is challenging 24-year Congressman John Spratt in the 5th Congressional District. Townhall.com attended the fundraiser and obtained an exclusive interview with candidate Ralph Norman. The following are excerpts from Norman’s speech and interview.

I am a businessman

“I am a businessman,” said Ralph Norman to a supportive group of big time South Carolina donors, amidst a luncheon of shrimp, fried chicken, collard greens, and sweet tea. The day’s theme revolved around Norman’s ideas on how to run government—like a business. 

First and foremost, Ralph Norman considers himself a fiscal conservative, a guardian of the taxpayer. Which makes sense—as a small businessman, he has struggled under the burden of high taxes, suffocating regulation, and an unresponsive bureaucracy. He has seen the government attempt to micromanage his businesses, take a significant portion of his income in taxes and then waste those taxpayer dollars, along with millions of others on pet projects and ineffective government programs.

“I believe in the free enterprise system,” Norman said. He supports giving more control back to the small businesses and taxpayers that really drive the American economy. Norman went on to say, “Business creates jobs, government does not.  Government creates a whole slew of jobs each time a new program or scheme is implemented, but always at the expense of the taxpayer. Small businesses invest in new businesses, which results in more jobs, Norman added.

When asked why he entered politics, Norman responded, “I got into politics because businessmen should be spending your money.” He went on to clarify that he really meant that businessmen should control spending, by not spending as much of ‘your money.’ He also added that, “The South Carolina Congressional delegation is made up of 4 conservatives and two liberals…I want to make it 5-1.” Norman explained that the votes of John Spratt and Jim Clyburn cancel out two conservative votes-of Gresham Barrett, Bob Inglis, Henry Brown or Joe Wilson. 

Eliot Peace

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