Sat, Dec 08, 2012

Marvin Olasky | December 08, 2012

Moody Radio producer Julie Roys wrote recently, “I’m incredibly grateful for WORLD magazine. It plays a vital watchdog role in the evangelical world. If it weren’t for WORLD, the National Association of Evangelicals would probably still be taking money from the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy; no one would know that Sojourners took money from George Soros; and D’Souza would still be president of King’s.”

Kathryn Lopez | December 08, 2012

Here we go again, it's "American Idol: Presidential Edition." And we can't even resist waiting until 2012 is over

John C. Goodman | December 08, 2012

Have you ever noticed that people who worry about inequality seem to be focused only on certain kinds of inequality?

John Ransom | December 08, 2012

It’s almost as if- I don’t know- had the fiscal cliff not existed, politicians would have had to invent it to justify more deficit spending.

Paul Greenberg | December 08, 2012

We'll know there's still hope for what Thorstein Veblen called "The Higher Learning in America," low and overpriced as it may be, when the appearance of a great new work of scholarships gets as much attention as the weekend football scores. Or the passing of a great scholar-educator merits as much coverage as the death of another Hollywood celebrity from an overdose.

Paul Driessen | December 08, 2012

In Walt Disney’s 1940 animated film “Pinocchio,” woodcarver Geppetto dreams that his wooden marionette will turn into a real boy.

Kyle Olson | December 08, 2012

When students are pondering a “bill of rights” for themselves, one might expect to see a vending machine in the cafeteria or a longer lunch hour on the list of demands. You know, kids stuff.

Jeff Crouere | December 08, 2012

During his 90 second diatribe against handguns, Costas quoted from columnist Jason Whitlock, who wrote, “Handguns do not enhance our safety. They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments, and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it."

Rachel Alexander | December 08, 2012

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) may have finally gone too far betraying conservatives. This past week, he removed three conservative Republican Congressmen from their committee positions in retaliation for not voting for his compromises on the budget with Democrats – compromises that led us to the current “fiscal cliff.”

Steve Deace | December 08, 2012

If Costas were really serious about having a conversation about our culture of death and truly did his homework on the issue, rather than rushing to politicize a tragedy, he could’ve looked very close to home to find out just how silly this entire argument is.

Larry Kudlow | December 08, 2012

Republicans are divided. President Obama won't budge. And more and more, it looks like the fiscal-cliff deadline of Dec. 31 will be missed.

Night Watch | December 08, 2012

The fate of the government actually lies with the Army, the necessary and sufficient cause of government overthrow or government survival. There is irony that Mursi's survival in office might now depend on the Army --- the force he tried to neutralize in order to run for office.

Tom Borelli | December 08, 2012

It’s a bad omen for free enterprise, prosperity and liberty when normally warring special interest groups such as big business and progressive activists agree on public policy.

Fri, Dec 07, 2012

Linda Chavez | December 07, 2012

Throughout the presidential campaign, Republican candidates pointed to the number of food stamp recipients -- increasing from 33 million people in 2009 to 43 million in 2012 -- as a sign that poverty had skyrocketed under President Obama. But a new study suggests that the reason there has been such an increase in food stamp recipients during the last four years is even more pernicious.

Al Cardenas | December 07, 2012

America has lived with a broken immigration system for at least two decades. It’s wreaked havoc in our border states and created a frustrating lawlessness that is untenable.

Ken Blackwell | December 07, 2012

My buddy, Glenn Beck, has made a great contribution to the TEA party movement and to a renewal of popular interest in our Founding Fathers and their ideals. For all that he deserves praise.

Rich Galen | December 07, 2012

I am desperately searching for something to write about that doesn't include the words "fiscal cliff."

John Hawkins | December 07, 2012

There's a lot to be said for talking about the Constitution, economic theory and what's best for the country.

Michelle Malkin | December 07, 2012

Message for wealth-bashing millionaire actor Ed Asner: Man up and take responsibility for lying to America's schoolchildren.

Mark Davis | December 07, 2012

Just before announcing his departure from the United States Senate, Jim DeMint gave me one last reason to praise him in that job.

Jonah Goldberg | December 07, 2012

When, at long last, will people understand that the left is boring?

David Limbaugh | December 07, 2012

Something is very wrong in the world when the most dogmatic and inflexible president in recent memory can make unreasonable demands of his GOP budget opponents and yet be confident they'll be blamed for the impasse.

Mona Charen | December 07, 2012

Discussing the role of single people in the election of 2012 on my weekly podcast with Jay Nordlinger "Need to Know" (available on or, your humble columnist chose the insensitive way to address it. Chatting with Jonathan V. Last of The Weekly Standard about his piece "A Nation of Singles," I popped off that "Single mothers want the state to be their husbands and father to their children."

Suzanne Fields | December 07, 2012

My son, age 42, finally got married. His bride, in a shimmering turquoise maternity dress, walked down a red carpet with rose petals scattered by his 8-year-old twin nieces, to join a cantor who sang the Jewish blessings under a chuppah, a canopy held by a man on each corner, in a quasi-traditional wedding ceremony.

Diana West | December 07, 2012

No doubt in the spirit of the season, somebody bestowed an audio sweetmeat upon Bob Woodward of The Washington Post -- 13-plus minutes of an off-the-record conversation that took place in spring 2011 between Gen. David Petraeus, then ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) commander in Afghanistan, and Fox News analyst KT McFarland, who was visiting Petraeus' Kabul HQ.

John Ransom | December 07, 2012

Even with Middle East and North African disorders keeping oil prices high, electric vehicles are still not cost competitive- nor does the consumer seem to want them at any cost.

Paul Greenberg | December 07, 2012

It's starting to look a lot like ... Chanukah. That's the minor eight-day Jewish holiday that's become a major one in our time, perhaps because of its proximity to Christmas and the demand for some kind of Jewish equivalent.

Donald Lambro | December 07, 2012

President Obama often boils down the issues around his plan to raise income taxes by saying it's all about the "math," a subject he doesn't seem to know much about.

Kyle Olson | December 07, 2012

The California Federation of Teachers created a public relations disaster when it produced a low-brow video featuring a depiction of “trickle down” economics as a “rich” person urinating on the “ordinary people.” EAGnews was the first to report on the tacky video created by California teachers’ representatives.

George Friedman | December 07, 2012

Egypt is not just another country. It is the largest Arab country and one that has been the traditional center of the Arab world.

Karen Floyd | December 07, 2012

Senator Jim DeMint’s announcement early this morning that he will leave the Senate to head the Heritage Foundation left many loyal activists feeling a profound loss.

Chris Poindexter | December 07, 2012

Once again commodities in general are taking the brunt of the selling pressure with gold and silver being joined on the downside by palladium, crude oil and copper.

Night Watch | December 07, 2012

NightWatch reported on Monday that the Asad regime reportedly had reached the point where it wanted the option to use chemical weapons. Those news sources appear to have been accurate.

Jerry Bowyer | December 07, 2012

I’d long been an advocate of voucherizing job training, medicare, medicaid and pretty much every other transfer payment. Why not Christmas?

Bill Tatro | December 07, 2012

In this day and age, it appears the U.S. picks a side, justifies it under humanitarian reasons which sounds a lot better than saying “we’re in it for the oil.”

Bob Beauprez | December 07, 2012

Mitchell points out that barring a recession, government will get more revenue even without raising tax rates – quite a lot more, in fact.

Paul Kengor | December 07, 2012

Shortly after the November election, I wrote an article titled, “McCain Beats Romney!” The article focused on initial reports showing that Mitt Romney received fewer votes in 2012 than John McCain received in 2008. Those reports utterly shocked and depressed conservatives.

Fritz Pfister | December 07, 2012

Just as the day Obama entered office, jobs are the key to housing sales and recovery. Since the voters chose Obama again, what you see is what you’ll get; more non-recovery recovery.

Brent Bozell | December 07, 2012

The cabal that chooses the 15 nominees for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature has issued its 2013 selections.

Oliver North | December 07, 2012

Philadelphia, PA -- For most football fanatics, this is the time of year for watching the big conference championship games and wondering whether their favorite college team is going play in a major postseason bowl.

Pat Buchanan | December 07, 2012

Given the expectations raised by the Republican punditocracy -- that Mitt was headed for a big victory -- the jolt of defeat hit especially hard.

Thu, Dec 06, 2012

Crystal Wright | December 06, 2012

With President Obama corralling a stunning 71% of the Hispanic vote in his successful 2012 re-election bid, “establishment Republicans” are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out how to get a piece of America’s fastest growing demographic. (I’ve opined about how the GOP has written off the black vote as unattainable. I guess when the Hispanic vote approaches 90% for Democrats, Republicans will reconsider ignoring blacks like the heels of their shoes.)

Frank Gaffney | December 06, 2012

In an impromptu conversation with Joe the Plumber during the 2008 presidential campaign, candidate Barack Obama famously and unintentionally acknowledged his support for redistributing the nation's wealth. And he has been hard at it ever since.

Cliff May | December 06, 2012

Google “Islamist” and you’ll get more than 24 million hits. Google “jihadist” and you’ll get millions more. Yet I bet the average American could not tell you what it is that Islamists and jihadists believe. And those at the highest levels of the U.S. government refuse to do so.

Michael Brown | December 06, 2012

Last weekend, just 24 hours after a tragic murder-suicide committed by one of its own players, the Kansas City Chiefs played their Sunday football on schedule.

Maggie Gallagher | December 06, 2012

Have you noticed how much of Hollywood is preoccupied with thoughts of God?

Kurt Schlichter | December 06, 2012

Somewhere, there’s a whiplash lawyer who runs his law office out of a van down by the river who watches the congressional Republicans attempt to negotiate the fiscal cliff crisis and has to turn his head away. John Boehner and his inept coterie of GOP establishment cronies have made every mistake in the book. It’s professionally embarrassing. Frankly, if these hacks were my associates, they’d be on a street corner with signs reading “Will litigate for food.”

Michael Barone | December 06, 2012

The fiscal cliff negotiations seem to be foundering on Barack Obama's insistence on higher tax rates on high earners and House Republican leaders' insistence on opposing them. The president believes he has a mandate from voters for his position, and House Republicans believe they have a mandate from voters for theirs.

Victor Davis Hanson | December 06, 2012

We are still borrowing more than $1 trillion a year. Barack Obama has added more than $5 trillion to the national debt in just his first term alone. Such massive borrowing is unsustainable. Someone somehow at some time has to pay it back.

Larry Elder | December 06, 2012

Ah, the hypocrisy of tax-hikers who do everything they can to avoid the taxes they wish to impose on others.

Tony Katz | December 06, 2012

Bob Costas, just a few days after giving a cultural soliloquy during a halftime break regarding the murder/suicide of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher, and the need to eradicate our society from guns, has managed to continue his elitist climb, claiming that the "audience" is to blame for the follow-up brouhaha about his comments. Like a good elitist, Costas is blaming his audience.

Michael Reagan | December 06, 2012

Help us, we’re falling and we can’t get up again. Once upon a time -- in 1988 and 1998 to be exact -- the United States was the best country for a baby to be born and raised in, at least according to The Economist magazine.

Cal Thomas | December 06, 2012

An Internet search is inconclusive as to where the phrase "no skin in the game" originated. Some ascribe it to the late columnist William Safire; others to investor Warren Buffett. Politicians often use the phrase to justify policies to their liking. It can also be applied to the latest in a long list of their outrageous behaviors, as well as to those of President Obama.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | December 06, 2012

Last week, I was exiting my neighborhood Starbucks when I happened to overhear a middle-aged man talking to a younger man who appeared to be his son.

Matt Towery | December 06, 2012

Regardless of how the so-called "fiscal cliff" ends, one thing is clear: The combined group of Americans whose age comprises either the last few years of the "baby boom," which is said to have ended in 1963, and most of the so-called "Generation X," which followed and ended in 1984, will collectively get the worst end of a deal that, as a whole, they do not want -- when and if ever Congress and the president quit playing their games of alternative threats and capitulation.

John Ransom | December 06, 2012

The judge, the special prosecutor and everyone else who let this case go forward aren’t political novices. Nothing happens in politics by accident. Not in Chicago. Files aren’t lost and special prosecutors aren’t assigned unless “someone” knows “something” about it.

Steve Chapman | December 06, 2012

The argument for leaving 10,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan after 2014 is more or less reasonable on its face. The Kabul government is fragile; our gains might be reversed; the Afghan military is not ready to stand on its own. Here's the unreasonable, unavoidable part: If we don't leave then, we probably never will.

Emmett Tyrrell | December 06, 2012

Washington-Jeffrey Hillman is a man who shambles the streets of New York City looking quite unkempt, drab, and hopeless. He panhandles sometimes and mutters to himself. Frankly, he looks a wreck and apparently is often in need of a pair of shoes. On cold winter nights he gets them.

Jack Kerwick | December 06, 2012

“The Republican Party is no longer the party of limited government, with limited spending and limited taxes. It is now officially exactly right behind the Democrats—on everything. It is time for conservatives to start looking for a new home. There’s precious little left for us here.” Thus spoke Brent Bozell, founder of the Media Research Center and long-time movement conservative.

Chris Poindexter | December 06, 2012

Hopefully some of you managed to lock in prices on a small buy when price dipped under $1,700, although where we are today is still not bad for an entry point.

Night Watch | December 06, 2012

Their main complaints are President Mursi's assumption of dictatorial powers in order to install democracy. They also denounced the process by which the new constitution was drafted.

Paul Tracy | December 06, 2012

Each year we publish our annual "Top 10 Stocks" list. Put simply, these are the 10 stocks my research staff and I think have the best chance of beating the market in the coming year.

Bob Beauprez | December 06, 2012

“This is a problem EPA could have, and should have, resolved by now,” said American Petroleum Institute (API) President and CEO Jack Gerard in September. “EPA’s failure to act quickly could raise the cost of making fuels in the United States.”

Nathan Slaughter | December 06, 2012

Here's the best part: pessimism surrounding a temporary market overcapacity has cut the stock price in half.

Wed, Dec 05, 2012

David Rothbard | December 05, 2012

Doha sets stage for another environmental power grab to “prevent dangerous global warming”

Ann Coulter | December 05, 2012

I apologize to America's young people, whose dashed dreams and dim employment prospects I had laughed at, believing these to be a direct result of their voting for Obama.

Marybeth Hicks | December 05, 2012

Here’s my theory about viral emails: There are only two reasons emails go viral on the Internet. They’re either too good to be true or they’re so true that they simply must be shared. Think about it.

Susan Stamper Brown | December 05, 2012

That “most wonderful time of the year” has arrived, and with it, most predictably, another round of attacks (yawn) by Secular Humanists doing their best to destroy the season by removing the Christ child from the crèche.

Stephen DeMaura | December 05, 2012

In today’s dicey job market, thousands of U.S. jobs are being threatened, but not only by foreign competition, financial collapse, or one of the other common foes of employment we are used to seeing in the headlines. The enemy of vast numbers of American retail workers is an unfair sales tax policy that targets local, brick-and-mortar businesses with the responsibility of collecting and remitting sales tax while allowing Internet-based merchants off the hook. It is unfair, and it has been going on for 20 years.

Rich Galen | December 05, 2012

It is now likely that a deal will not be reached between now and December 31 to avoid the fiscal cliff. Before you become an economic prepper and start stocking up on canned goods and extra Tequila, remember I also thought Mitt Romney would win the election.

Jeff Jacoby | December 05, 2012

In the American experience, anti-Semitic decrees have been virtually unthinkable. Religious liberty is enshrined in the Constitution, and early in his presidency George Washington went out of his way to assure the young nation's Jews that "the Government of the United States … gives to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no assistance." During the long centuries of Jewish exile, powerful officials had often promulgated sweeping edicts depriving Jews of their rights or driving them from their homes. In America, that could never happen. But 150 years ago this month, it did.

Hugh Hewitt | December 05, 2012

Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio wowed the Beltway conservatives last night, which is a little bit like the British cheering a successful evacuation from Dunkirk. The GOP indeed lives to fight another day, and that day will be here quickly as 2014’s candidates are already declaring –Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito for the United States Senate in West Virginia and former Governor Michael Rounds for the same in South Dakota.

Bob Barr | December 05, 2012

While talk of the United States tumbling over a so-called “fiscal cliff” dominates news cycles in the nation’s capital and other major cities, on the other side of the planet, the United Nations is quietly but relentlessly pressing to take control of the Internet. It is being aided in this illicit endeavor by various totalitarian regimes, and by many smaller states that routinely use their strength in numbers to bash America.

Katie Pavlich | December 05, 2012

Since NBC sportscaster Bob Costas went on his halftime anti-gun rant on Sunday using words written by Fox Sports Columnist Jason Whitlock, we’ve heard a lot from the media and from uniformed commentators about America’s “gun culture.” The fact is, America actually has two gun cultures and it is important to distinguish them from one another.

Thomas Sowell | December 05, 2012

One of the big advantages that President Obama has, as he plays "chicken" with the Congressional Republicans along the "fiscal cliff," is that Obama is a master of the plausible lie, which will never be exposed by the mainstream media-- nor, apparently, by the Republicans.

Michelle Malkin | December 05, 2012

Merry Crony-mas! It's time to pass out the goodies. While President Obama's lips champion the middle class, his administration's old hands are preparing to lavish rewards on the creme de la campaign creme: his wealthiest political donors.

John Stossel | December 05, 2012

A scare newsletter called "Food Poisoning Bulletin" warns that if government reduces food inspections, "food will be less safe ... (because) marginal companies ... (will) cut corners."

Walter E. Williams | December 05, 2012

Is there any reason for today's Americans to care about what happens to tomorrow's Americans? After all, what have tomorrow's Americans done for today's Americans? Moreover, since tomorrow's Americans don't vote, we can dump on them with impunity. That's a vision that describes the actual behavior of today's Americans. It would be seen as selfish, callous and ruthless only if it were actually articulated. Let's look at it.

Brent Bozell | December 05, 2012

We know the news flash: On Saturday morning, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend, then drove to Arrowhead Stadium and shot himself in the head in the parking lot in front of his coaches. To liberals like NBC sportscaster Bob Costas, this was not just a crisis. It was also an opportunity.

Mike Adams | December 05, 2012

Whenever I write about the issue of First Amendment Freedom of Association, I defend the right of campus groups, not government administrators, to control their own belief structure and membership requirements.

Jonah Goldberg | December 05, 2012

If Hollywood remade "The Graduate" and set it in 1980, the one word the businessman would have for Dustin Hoffman's character wouldn't be "plastics." It'd be "medallions."

Ken Blackwell | December 05, 2012

Many of our friends continue to register shock at the election returns of last month. How can it be?, they ask. It’s not so hard to figure out, we reply. The first Romney bumper sticker that appeared last year bore a startling resemblance to another famous corporate logo. What were they thinking? The first bumper sticker for the President’s re-election said simply: “ObamaCares.” Brilliant. We are not saying that President Obama does actually care about “people like me.” But voters polled on that question chose Mr. Obama over Mitt Romney by a whopping 81-18 margin. That’s fatal in politics.

Michael Medved | December 05, 2012

Americans have always reveled in nostalgia about the music, fashion or favorite foods of bygone eras, but a sudden yearning for the high tax rates of yesteryear represents a startling new development. While some opinion leaders pine openly for the tax system that once claimed a big majority of income from top earners, their cozy, communitarian vision offers a deeply distorted view of those good old days.

Terry Jeffrey | December 05, 2012

Ronald Reagan, who was then a movie actor, delivered one of the greatest and most prophetic speeches of the 20th century, when he appeared before the Orange County Press Club on July 28, 1961.

Ben Shapiro | December 05, 2012

In the original "Star Wars", Jedi Obi Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness) and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) have to smuggle two droids into the criminal-infested, Empire-guarded city of Mos Eisley. The Empire has been looking for the droids, which contain secret information. But Obi Wan has a solution: when our heroes are confronted by emissaries of the Empire, he simply waves his hand. "These aren't the droids you're looking for." The weak-minded Stormtrooper promptly waves the group through. Obi Wan was using an old Jedi mind trick. Welcome to America, 2012.

Austin Bay | December 05, 2012

By 2050, enough time will have passed for historians to render a fair-minded judgment on Felipe Calderon and his six daring years as president of Mexico.

John Ransom | December 05, 2012

Union domination of the Democrat Party has become so entrenched- and so full of government money- that it’s impossible to tell if Union, Inc. is the parent corporation of the Democrats, or if the Democrats control the unions.

Paul Greenberg | December 05, 2012

Most of us have heard of the fog of war, the layers of confusion that cover every engagement, turning battles into guessing games, obscuring just which units are where and doing what to whom till ... all is confusion squared, cubed, overflowing in all directions, and then further confounded in the telling, whether by historians or anecdotalists. ("I was there, I tell you . . .")

Donald Lambro | December 05, 2012

President Obama would have failed Negotiations 101, if there was such a course, the first rule being "do not insult" the people you're dealing with.

Jacob Sullum | December 05, 2012

Since Republicans are pushing entitlement reform and Democrats like taking money from rich people, you might think they could agree on means-testing Medicare and Social Security as part of a deficit reduction deal.

Kyle Olson | December 05, 2012

A new video produced by the California Federation of Teachers – which could be playing in your child’s classroom as we speak – drums up the typical class warfare images we've come to expect from Big Labor.

David Sterman | December 05, 2012

Many emerging markets in Asia and Latin America have a much better M/O ratio, and are only now entering the sweet spot of the M/O cycle.

Night Watch | December 05, 2012

Some analysts judge that the timing of the launch is intended to influence South Korean presidential elections on 19 December. A North Korean power demonstration would seem to encourage election of another hard line South Korean president.

Chris Poindexter | December 05, 2012

Gold is down more than $30 an ounce in just the last few days. It’s hard to see how locking in some small buys as long as this downward trend continues could end too badly, especially if you’re holding the physical metal for a long period of time.

Ralph Benko | December 05, 2012

The only plank remaining under notable discussion from either national convention platform of 2012 is the GOP platform’s call for a national monetary commission.

Julie Gunlock | December 05, 2012

Christmas party season is upon us; a time to raise a glass and enjoy time with friends and family. Yet, this year, you might want to savor that mug of Christmas grog or rum-spiked eggnog a little more since regulators are adding alcohol to the naughty list.

Bill Tatro | December 05, 2012

Unlike my other so-called conservative brethren, such as Lindsey Graham, Bob Corker, and Saxby Chambliss, I have a very simple solution that both President Obama and John Boehner should be able to live with: Reduce the taxes on corporations and raise the taxes on corporations.

Ken Connor | December 05, 2012

A majority of the world's nations employ some kind of single-payer, government-run health care system, and they don't have "death panels." Or do they?

Tue, Dec 04, 2012

Ashley Herzog | December 04, 2012

That question was posed in response to a new report from WORLD on Campus about the pornification of American universities. According to WORLD, self-styled “porn scholars” in fields ranging from literature to law “believe in immersing their students in the porn culture. Last year, 50 schools offered courses that included in-depth pornography content.”

Rachel Marsden | December 04, 2012

Whereas President Barack Obama's predecessor, George W. Bush, waged war the old-fashioned way, with troops and tanks, Obama has been busy outsourcing the dirty work of protecting and furthering America's interests to CIA drones, private contractors, local mobs with ties to terrorists, and even the French.

Wayne Allyn Root | December 04, 2012

I’m a small businessman who believes we are all over-taxed. I would not raise anyone’s taxes. But since Obama’s pet billionaires like Warren Buffett are so quick to sell out the upper middle class…two can play at that game! Obama has the GOP Congress between a rock and a hard place. Here's a compromise that turns the tables on Obama. I say it’s time to sacrifice the billionaires to save small business...and the GOP.

John Hawkins | December 04, 2012

Given what we know in 2012, saying that capitalism will make a society richer than socialism should be about as controversial as saying the earth is round, not flat.

Thomas Sowell | December 04, 2012

Amid all the political and media hoopla about the "fiscal cliff" crisis, there are a few facts that are worth noting.

Chuck Norris | December 04, 2012

Now that Obama has been re-elected and Democrats still control the Senate, Republicans no longer have the chance to repeal Obamacare.

David Limbaugh | December 04, 2012

Some commentators wonder why President Obama always engages in brinksmanship. Why can't he meet Republicans halfway, like Clinton did, they ask. Let me try to respond.

Mona Charen | December 04, 2012

The incomparable Walter Russell Mead, writing in the American Interest, offered a glimpse into the coming dystopia: "Things are getting worse in San Bernardino. The city filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, but its financial situation has continued to deteriorate. And now with what promises to be a heated court battle over payments to the state pension fund in the offing, further cuts are likely.

Cal Thomas | December 04, 2012

The opening scene-setter for the 1996 film "Independence Day" might serve as a metaphor for what Egyptians could face if a draft constitution written by a panel dominated by Islamists and based on Sharia law wins approval in a referendum: "A loud rumble is heard. Suddenly, we are covered in darkness as the shadow engulfs us. Only the image of our Earth hangs in the air, until a huge silhouetted object suddenly blocks our view."

Dennis Prager | December 04, 2012

If you want to understand Leftism -- and everyone needs to because it has been the most dynamic religion of the last one hundred years -- one good place to start is with San Francisco.

Pat Buchanan | December 04, 2012

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner's opening bid to Speaker John Boehner, a demand for $1.6 trillion in new taxes, was not meant as a serious offer.

John Ransom | December 04, 2012

The question I have for Cokie is this: Which emperor are we talking about? Are you talking about the one that thinks that the main topic of conversation during the worst economic recovery of the post-war period ought to be your uterus?

Paul Greenberg | December 04, 2012

Happy Birthday, Palestine! Strike up the band. Ice the champagne. Run up the flag. Rally and cheer. Orate and pose for the cameras. Declare victory. Dance the night away. Sing another chorus of Baladi! Baladi! Better yet, gather 'round the campfire, and pass the finjan till dawn telling glorious stories of a past that never was.

Phyllis Schlafly | December 04, 2012

Those who thought ObamaCare was set in concrete by Chief Justice John Roberts' decision last June are in for a shock. December 14 is the new deadline (extended from November 16) for states to let the feds know, yea or nay, whether or not they will be setting up a health insurance exchange, which is the key to participating in the misnamed Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

Kyle Olson | December 04, 2012

Social justice activist teachers see natural disasters like the recent Hurricane Sandy as opportunities to bring their political agendas into the classroom. And they rarely miss an opportunity.

Bob Beauprez | December 04, 2012

Re-election in hand, Obama is pitching a $1.6 trillion tax hike that would doubtlessly shackle the faltering economy even more than his policies have over the last four years. For the record, that's twice the tax increase he was campaigning on less that a month ago.

Chris Poindexter | December 04, 2012

In the U.S. most analysts are pointing at the current fiscal cliff negotiations as the reason for market indecision but I’m not buying it.

Brian and Garrett Fahy | December 04, 2012

The Republican road to electoral ruin is paved with compromise and centrism.

Armstrong Williams | December 04, 2012

Often when someone nears the end of life, they begin to contemplate their lives and recognize that of all the things they've accumulated, all the accolades that have been bestowed upon them, nothing is as valuable as life itself: there is nothing that should be protected more than life itself.

Crystal Wright | December 04, 2012

President Obama’s offer to Republicans to save the country from its fiscal cliff plunge is one big joke. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said he “laughed” when Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, Obama’s cliff negotiator, unveiled it to him. Laughable is right when you consider the president’s outlandish request calls for tax hikes on higher earners, the one thing Republicans repeatedly have warned Obama, since day one of his presidency, were non-starters to any budget or deficit reduction talks.

Bill Murchison | December 04, 2012

Remind me -- what was the college course Barack Obama used to teach? Constitutional law? Or was it "Machiavelli for Beginners"?

Mon, Dec 03, 2012

Phil Kerpen | December 03, 2012

The latest fiscal cliff plan from President Obama promised $400 billion in entitlement savings. An analysis by the Washington Post of the likely composition of those "savings" showed that nearly half of those cuts would come from requiring prescription drug rebates in Medicare.

Byron York | December 03, 2012

Now, after decisive presidential defeats in 2008 and 2012, there is another Bush to consider as party insiders buzz about the possibility of a Jeb Bush candidacy.

Rich Galen | December 03, 2012

With the Redskins playing the Monday night game and the National's still not having made a deal with their 1st baseman, Adam LaRoche, there's not much to think about here in Our Nation's Capital other than that pesky fiscal cliff.

Michael Barone | December 03, 2012

Americans are very generous to people with disabilities. Since passage of the Americans With Disabilities Act in 1990, millions of public and private dollars have been spent on curb cuts, bus lifts and special elevators.

Star Parker | December 03, 2012

Although Mitt Romney took flak for his statement that he lost the election because President Obama bestowed “gifts” on key parts of the electorate, what he said is basically true.

Katie Kieffer | December 03, 2012

Stop worrying about the ‘fiscal cliff.’ Spending cuts would feel therapeutic after watching Standard & Poor's and Egan-Jones downgrade our credit rating and seeing President Obama add $6 trillion to the national debt.

Lisa De Pasquale | December 03, 2012

During every presidential election a handful of actors peek out from behind the Hollywood sign to endorse the Republican nominee, and then retreat back into the wilderness.

Terry Paulson | December 03, 2012

If Alexis de Tocqueville were to have written Democracy in America today, he might have shared an entirely different perception of America. He would have found too many of our citizens suffering from the depression of our age--"Learned helplessness." Rather than believing that they have what it takes to invent their own future and claiming the mantle of self-reliance and earned opportunity that made America great, they look to government for support.

Michael Gerson | December 03, 2012

The endorsement of a continental nation being a powerful stimulant, all victorious presidents face the temptation of overreach.

Bruce Bialosky | December 03, 2012

At the 2004 Democratic Convention, Barack Obama was introduced to the world. His most well-known statement from that speech remains “There are no red states or blue states, just the United States.”

John Ransom | December 03, 2012

If Democrats want tax increases, then let them get the increases legitimately- with a majority in the House- not with the GOP acting as a ways and means committee for "Jack Ass, the Party."

Kyle Olson | December 03, 2012

When it rains it pours for the Michigan Education Association

Dan Holler | December 03, 2012

Simple question: do you trust politicians? If so, count yourself in the distinct minority.

Morgan Brittany | December 03, 2012

This fiscal cliff nonsense is just the latest chapter where Congress and the President try to make themselves look relevant.

Chris Poindexter | December 03, 2012

While I’m usually not one to traffic in conspiracy theories, the trading last week is highly suspicious. There was no major news that would account for a drop that drastic and so analysts started grasping at some pretty thin straws for an explanation.

Tad DeHaven | December 03, 2012

The proposal’s reported contents were too extreme for the GOP, and they should insult anyone who gives a fig about the federal government’s unsustainable budgetary path.

Shawn Mitchell | December 03, 2012

It’s possible, though unlikely, there are reasonable explanations for the administration’s policies leading to September 11, 2012 and the cover-up. It’s not possible there’s an honorable explanation for the national media’s dismissive refusal to press for credible answers.

Chris Edwards | December 03, 2012

So don’t be fooled. Reid’s efforts at filibuster reform is not to have more votes, but to have fewer, and to have those votes only on the things which Reid wants voted on.

Sun, Dec 02, 2012

Doug Giles | December 02, 2012

Why do some atheists embarrass themselves year after year trying to eradicate Christmas from American culture?

Derek Hunter | December 02, 2012

We’ve all heard about the “fiscal cliff.” But what does it mean? The media won’t bother to explain it in any detail, and people aren’t looking it up on their own.

Austin Hill | December 02, 2012

Higher taxes on the rich will provide a “morale boost” for those of us in the middle class? How is that so?

John Ransom | December 02, 2012

The study I pointed to said that the ice is melting at a slower rate- and the ice melt is accelerating at a slower rate- than previously estimated. The next day a different report reaches a conclusion that the ice sheet is melting faster than previously thought. What I’m saying is that the first thing you guys need to do to push the Big Lie is at least get the lie straight.

Kyle Olson | December 02, 2012

Just how far has the culture in government schools devolved?

Steve Chapman | December 02, 2012

It comes as no surprise to hear anti-tax activist Grover Norquist talk about tax cuts, but it does come as a surprise to hear him raise the subject of pink unicorns.

Mark Baisley | December 02, 2012

The intense debate has begun among party thinkers over how we could possibly have lost two elections in a row to the most radical leftist candidate to ever receive a presidential nomination.

George Friedman | December 02, 2012

Focusing on Catalonian elections would seem frivolous, but it is the nature of geopolitics that the quiet and odd may have more significance in the long run than the events that carry noisy headlines.

Marita Noon | December 02, 2012

Yes, major hurricanes are a “rarity” for the Northeast, however between 1954 and 1955 (a time when CO2 levels were below the prescribed 350 PPM), the east coast was hit with five major hurricanes. The difference is that Sandy happened to hit the news center of the world, thus it made big news.

Paul Jacob | December 02, 2012

The perennial itch to scratch at citizen input has broken out in Michigan. Not in the body politic, but among politicians.

Debra J. Saunders | December 02, 2012

On Nov. 16, 2010, an unlicensed driver named Roberto Galo took a left turn at Harrison and 16th streets and hit motorcyclist Drew Rosenberg.