Lessons in leadership are sometimes best learned when you listen to the people you lead. In advance of our recent Real Jobs Summit in Greenville, South Carolina, American Solutions conducted a poll of registered voters in South Carolina and found a very telling piece of information. When asked who was better equipped to grow the economy, 72 percent chose private businesses and companies and only 21 percent picked government.

What the people of South Carolina clearly understand is that reducing not expanding the size of government and lowering taxes are essential for private business and companies to accelerate economic expansion and help create jobs. Why, after more than a year in office, has the Obama Administration not learned this lesson?

Michelle Malkin

Monthly data just released from the U.S. Department of Labor shows hiring temporary Census workers boosted what are already dismal job creation numbers. Approximately one-third of the 290,000 new jobs created in April were either permanent government jobs or temporary Census jobs. This means that taxpayers are footing the bill for nearly 1 in every 3 jobs created in April.

Beyond the boost in government workers, the economy saw a small increase in private sector job growth in April with just over 200,000 positions added to payrolls. Yet, the unemployment rate remains drastically high at 9.9 percent because more Americans are restarting job searches.

Job creation success should be measured by how quickly jobs are created and if they are sustainable. To date, Washington has failed every unemployed American. Bloated government and stimulus spending is a boon for politicians, government employee unions, and foreign debt holders, but in 14 months out of control federal spending has done nothing to lay the basis for enduring prosperity for the American people. More than half of the 15.3 million unemployed Americans have lost their jobs in the last two years. Moreover, the numbers who’ve given up looking has also increased from this time last year.

Dan Varroney

Daniel A. Varroney is Chief Operating Officer at American Solutions.