Dan Gainor

Posted November 04, 2015

Adam and Eve were forbidden from eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Their disobedience caused them to be cast out of Eden and lose their close relationship with God. Thanks to the Internet, we all get a huge bite of that same knowledge every day. With the possible launch of the Peeple, called Yelp for people, we will all be able to rate the people we know like we rate restaurants and home repair companies. (Bad press has shut it down for now.)

Posted January 15, 2015

Journalists hate the idea of big-moneyed billionaires in politics throwing around their money like New Years Eve confetti. Theyve spent the last several years claiming that the lefts war against conservative donors Charles and David Koch was legitimate based on that attitude.

Posted February 19, 2011

Broadcast networks mention Obamas incompetence just nine times in two years.

Posted October 23, 2010

The Left is bringing out its best and brightest complete with clown cars.

Posted October 16, 2010

We now return to Barack Obama’s America – the election edition. It’s not the “bipartisan,” “post-racial” place he promised. Thanks to the left and their media flunkies, it’s Character Assassination Nation.

Posted October 01, 2010

Neil Young’s song “The Needle and the Damage Done” was written about heroin addiction, but it might as well have applied to the liberal crusade against science.

Posted September 24, 2010

Media respond to Obama's call for 'soldiers' with more bashing of tea parties.

Posted July 03, 2010

This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a blogger.

Posted June 26, 2010

A picture is worth 1,000 words or so we’re told. Here are a few: despicable, appalling, predatory and unprofessional.

Posted June 11, 2010

The global nanny state wants to take another bite out of your freedom. Its new target – your dinner plate.

Posted May 20, 2010

Economists have been warning that we might face another bubble – possibly in commercial real estate or commodities. The fear is, like the dot-com bubble or the housing bubble, this one might blow up in our faces. But the biggest economic bubble is already here.

Posted May 12, 2010

If a climate scientist falls in the forest, does anybody hear? Not if the old media have anything to do with it. Thankfully, in 2010, their hold on the news has started to weaken.

Posted April 23, 2010

Obama is lucky journalists don't want to make him look bad.

Posted February 12, 2010

Economists debate the extent President Obama’s mega-stimulus plan has aided the economy.

Posted February 04, 2010

Little boys love to play with trains. It doesn’t stop, even when they grow up and move to Washington. Now the Democrats and Barack Obama are playing with trains and $8 billion of our money to build themselves a nationwide train set just like the Europeans.

Posted January 22, 2010

It’s January and we’re watching reruns. The clueless main character and his band of misfits are struggling through another groovy episode. Barack Obama’s playing the cool lead with V.P. Joe Biden filling the role of the balding, curmudgeonly father figure.

Posted January 08, 2010

Actually, the election year is already two months old and it’s taking off. Democrats are either fleeing for the exits or dropping out before the election ever takes place.