Dan Gainor

Once “Wall Street” was about “greed.” Now it’s about power. Obama’s latest power grab has him appearing to throw his friends at Goldman Sachs to the wolves – anything to salvage the mid-term elections.

In fact, as soon as Obama wanted to target Wall Street, Goldman Sachs got investigated. It was almost magical. About as magical as the timing of the Hutaree arrests just as Obama and the left were complaining about scary right wingers.

Maybe the timing of the Securities and Exchange Commission's fraud case against Goldman Sachs was legitimate. Maybe the arrest of nine Hutaree members for seditious conspiracy and a host of other crimes was also properly timed.

If that’s the case, then we need to start calling Obama the four-leaf-clover president because every time he needs a villain, the government picks one. This is the natural extension of the left always comparing Obama to Ronald Reagan, once called the Teflon president because critics complained no complaints ever stuck.

In Obama’s case, it really is better to be lucky than good. Right now he is pretty darn lucky. At least it appears that way. It also helps when the media won’t really delve into what’s going on – and there’s a lot going on.

For the eight years of the Bush administration, every hint of closed-door meetings or secret government action led to screaming headlines. The media and the left went apoplectic about Cheney meeting with oil companies to craft an energy policy. Every action of the war on terror resulted in an investigation. The media had one thought – to get President Bush. So they let every tinfoil-hat conspiracy theory flourish.

Remember when we were supposedly in Iraq to steal oil? We’ve certainly been there long enough to drain that nation dry. Only one problem – we didn’t do it. Or maybe it was the oil company conspiracy to lower gas prices and fix the election. CNN’s Jack Cafferty was just one of many media voices to say “if you were a real cynic, you could also wonder if the oil companies might not be pulling the price of gas down to help the Republicans get re-elected in the midterm elections a couple of months away.” That conspiracy was also proven bogus when gas prices didn’t plummet until after the 2008 elections.

But the mere fact that the media were taking that lunacy seriously shows just how any coincidence inspires journalistic interest under the right circumstances. So, in the midst of liberal claims about the danger of tea parties, the FBI locks up members of some group almost no one has ever noticed.

Dan Gainor

Dan Gainor is The Boone Pickens Free Market Fellow and director of the Media Research Center’s Business & Media Institute.