Crystal Wright

President Obama’s ego is bigger than the office of President of the United States and that’s the problem because he’s more concerned with himself than leading the country. As four-term Congressman Bobby Rush, who defended his seat against Obama in 2000 remarked in the book the Amateur, “Obama believes in Obama.”

Since Obama took office, unemployment has remained above 8% for over 40 straight months. The Labor Department's June jobs report revealed the jobless rate stuck in neutral at 8.2% with a paltry 80,000 jobs created and black unemployment jumped to 14.4%. Despite the fact the president can’t make a case why he deserves re-election, he consistently conveys arrogance to the American people that says, “I can do whatever I want.”

Ramping up his re-election campaign, Obama cherry picks winners and losers among Americans to win votes, pitting groups against each other (gays vs. heterosexuals in his support for gay marriage, Hispanics in his executive order to grant amnesty to illegals, union workers vs. everyone else in his bailout of the auto industry and attempt to block Boeing from moving to a non-union plant in South Carolina.) Days after Friday’s June jobs report was released, the Detractor in Chief, President Obama, tried to change the topic from his lousy economic record to class warfare in a Monday White House appearance.

In his divide and conquer fashion, Monday Obama picked the middle class over everyone else. After casting blame on “the other party” for the “stalemate” in Washington, Obama declared Congress must “pass a bill extending the [Bush] tax cuts for the middle class” because “they deserve that certainty.” Evidently, the rest of Americans don’t. Obama wants the Bush tax cuts for the middle class to be paid for by raising taxes on higher earners, those making $250,000 or more. Obama believe wealth redistribution is the right thing to do, make another class subsidize prosperity for everyone else. The top 5% of Americans pay 60% of all taxes while 51% of Americans pay no taxes. It’s clear who is paying their fair share of taxes and who isn’t.

Crystal Wright

Crystal Wright is author of the newly released book Con Job: How Democrats Gave Us Crime, Sanctuary Cities, Abortion Profiteering, and Racial Division. She is also the principal owner of the Baker Wright Group, LLC , a full service public relations firm, specializing in communications counseling, media relations, message development, media training and crisis communications. The firm’s approach is straight forward: an unvarnished approach to public relations.