Rick Santorum is the Conservative Alternative to Obama

Craig James
Posted: Mar 05, 2012 2:04 PM
Rick Santorum is the Conservative Alternative to Obama

In the last few weeks, America has witnessed a remarkable surge in support for Rick Santorum. Trailing in the polls at less than five percent for forty-seven weeks, Santorum was written off as a true underdog without a chance of overcoming Mitt Romney’s well-financed political machine. Yet the latest national polls show him neck-and-neck with Romney, having swept three primary elections in Colorado, Minnesota, and Missouri.

Santorum’s unexpected success may surprise the mainstream media, but it doesn’t surprise those of us who support him. Republican primary voters are loudly and clearly expressing their desire for conservative leadership in Washington, D.C. These voters are beginning to realize Rick Santorum is the only Republican presidential candidate who lives and breathes conservatism—and will fight for our principles.

Last month I personally endorsed Rick Santorum and his campaign for president. Some political professionals would say this was an unwise move since the Republican primary election is so volatile, but my support of Santorum isn’t based upon the latest polls. Instead, I support Rick Santorum because I believe he will do what Barack Obama refuses to do: defend our Constitution.

Santorum understands that Obamacare crossed an unprecedented line in violating Americans’ constitutional protections and will repeal it. Knowing that a job means a strong family, he has a great plan to cut taxes, reduce federal spending by $5 trillion in five years and jumpstart our economy.

I shaped my impressions of him about eighteen months ago when I was wrestling with the idea of running for United States Senate. I don’t take decisions of that magnitude lightly, so I sought the counsel of many wise people, including Rick Santorum. Over dinner, we discussed a variety of issues, including the importance of our families. We also talked about how critical it is to the future of our nation to preserve our freedom—especially religious freedom.

The most memorable moment from that dinner was when Rick looked me in the eye and asked, “Do you want to come to Washington to be somebody or do something?” That simple question speaks volumes about what motivates Rick Santorum. He is the kind of difference-maker we need leading our country.

As I seek the privilege of representing Texans in the U.S. Senate, I freely admit that the most important race this election year is for the White House. While it’s important to have a conservative House and Senate, we MUST have a conservative president if we’re to get our country back on track.

I cast my vote for the conservative alternative to Obama: Rick Santorum.