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Washington is up to its old political shell game again, this time in an unprecedented way.

While Americans are focused upon the Christmas season and the mainstream media on health care and President Barack Obama's two trips to Europe (last week to Oslo and this week to Copenhagen), the Democrats in Congress have slipped major pro-abortion legislation under the radar.

First, last Monday the Senate rejected the health care reform bill amendment introduced by Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., and Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, that would have banned federal funds from providing for abortion.

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Then, on Thursday, the House of Representatives rushed the clandestine approval of an overinflated $1 trillion omnibus bill, which includes 5,224 earmarks -- costing about $3.9 billion -- and an underhanded provision that would overturn a long-standing budget ban in the District of Columbia (whose budget is overseen by Congress) for federally funding abortions.

Then, after the Democratic-controlled Senate cleared a procedural vote on Saturday needed to end a Republican filibuster, in yet another near-secret Sunday afternoon session, the Senate passed the omnibus bill and the provision for Washington, D.C. Tragically, the bill also would appropriate $648.5 million for "international family planning" funding (an increase of $103 million over 2009) and would give funding for Planned Parenthood and the United Nations Population Fund, both of which have pro-abortion agendas.

In short, while President Obama was accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, the Democrats in Congress drove a sword through the womb of the unborn.

Congress' latest pro-abortion strategy is a radical divergence from -- and sheer contradiction of -- Obama's Sept. 9 promise that under Democrats' health care reform plan, "no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions."

But the big question and bottom line, as Hatch asked, is: "Why should people of conscience be forced to participate in any aspect of abortion?"

Chuck Norris

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