Charlotte Hays

On the night Barack Obama was re-elected, I came home and heard fireworks in my neighborhood. It felt like a hinge of history. A few months later, the Capitol is seeing fireworks of another kind as scandal bursts from every direction.

But conservatives mustn’t gloat too soon.

We don’t know which way the door on the hinge will swing. Will these scandals cause Americans to reassess support for big government politicians so we can return to a republic of rugged, self-reliant citizens—as envisioned by our Founders? Or will Americans yawn so that the Left feels even more invincible in continuing to build the liberal edifice with more and more progressive bricks?

One would hope that Americans would recognize that we are on the edge of a precipice.

We should be very worried when we learn that the Internal Revenue Service, the most feared and powerful of all federal agencies, spies on and harasses conservative organizations with the obvious intention of shutting down their funding so that they can’t speak out against an ever-encroaching federal government.

This isn’t the first time in American history that the IRS has been abusive. Not by a long shot. But the large-scale intimidation of organizations hostile to big government was nothing short of an attempt by a federal agency to inhibit free speech. Reporting on this administration may even get your mom and dad’s phone records seized, as happened when Fox's James Rosen's reporting ran afoul of the administration.

Obamacare—which takes up one-sixth of the U.S. economy—appeared to be the liberal dream come true. It is turning out to be everybody’s worst nightmare, likely to topple of its own weight. But what then? Will we use the opportunity to institute genuine reforms—or will there be a stampede, led by prideful Democrats, to a single-payer system? But don’t worry—the IRS, yes, them again, will be monitoring our compliance with Obamacare.

Whatever happened to American prosperity? We have an economy that on its best days only sputters along, in part because of unnecessary and expensive regulations. Slight improvement is hailed as a new golden age by Democrats. Whereas families once came to America to work hard and—often tempered by hardship—build a new life, Congress is now considering passing an immigration bill that has the supposedly draconian provision that new arrivals can’t receive public assistance for the first 13 years. But after that…

Charlotte Hays

Director of Cultural Programs at the Independent Women's Forum.