Charlotte Hays

One might have thought the campaign season was over, but in fact a new campaign is beginning. This was made clear with the president's trip to what was billed as a "middle class family home" to talk fiscal cliff and tax policy.

The president is now campaigning for his transformative agenda and he sees the middle class as useful pawns. The real question is: When will the middle class see that they are being had?

Selected for the president’s half-hour excursion into the exotic world of the middle class family life was the Santana family of Falls Church, Va. The president knew this wasn’t just any middle class family; they are reliable class warriors, as one family member had just taken part in the president’s #My2kTwitter campaign to soak “the rich.”

“They have dreams and ambitions, they have a beautiful six year old son Noah. They’re keeping it together, they’re working hard, they’re meeting their responsibilities,” the president reportedly said of the Santana family.

So what does President Obama propose to do to help the Santanas with their ambitions and dreams?

A tax hike on the top 2 percent of earners.

Yep, that is what our president wants to do for the middle class. Unless you’re eaten up with envy, punitive taxes on somebody else—specifically the segment of the population that hires and spends—is a lump of coal in your Christmas stocking.

President Obama, who could take actions to prevent taxes from rising on the rest of us this afternoon, instead holds the us all hostage during his quest of his own particular holy grail: higher marginal tax rates for “the rich.” This will bring in enough money to run the government for a few days and likely stall job creation in the process. How is that good news for the Santanas?

President Obama made it clear that helping the middle class, or even the economy, isn’t the goal of his tax plan. In 2008, Obama explained to ABC’s Charles Gibson that he wants to raise taxes on the top earners even if this leads, as it ironically is likely to, to smaller tax revenues for the U.S. Treasury. He has since acknowledged that tax hikes on those with high incomes are bad for job creation. I doubt he explained that to the Santanas, or that his sticking-it-to-the-rich plan is just to satisfy his own ideological needs.

Charlotte Hays

Director of Cultural Programs at the Independent Women's Forum.