Brian Walsh

Disturbing news has hit the race for Ohio’s Sixth Congressional District.  In a story that broke just yesterday, it was revealed that incumbent Democrat Charlie Wilson’s wife filed for divorce after citing “extreme cruelty and incompatibility” in 1990.  What’s worse is that according to court documents, it appears that there wasn’t a single, isolated incident, but rather a pattern of abuse.

After making it clear that they vet and choose their candidates, questions have to be brought up for the DCCC.  What did they know about Wilson’s history in this matter?  Was it brought up in 2006 when Wilson first declared his candidacy for Congress? Did they simply choose to look the other way?

While we wait more information and answers, one thing is clear – Wilson is not fit to serve.  Although previous polling shows the two-term Democrat in a dead heat with Republican Bill Johnson, voters will have a chance to follow their conscience on November 2nd and deny Wilson a third victory.

Original Post: 8/30/2010

Eastern Ohio is a place of industry: for many years, the area was home to some of the most productive factories and mines in the United States.  Today, though industry has dissipated, the area is still reminiscent of those times and the people retain the conservative values that they embraced throughout the 20th century.  The sixth district runs along the Southeast borders of the state, touching Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky.  The district begins near Youngstown and continues south along the Ohio River through some of the most conservative parts of the state, including Steubenville, home of the Catholic Franciscan University.  The district ends near the southern tip of Ohio, where the Wayne national forest is a bastion of green space tucked among the frequent factory towns that populate the banks of the Ohio River.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.