Brian Walsh

A lot has changed in California’s 47th Congressional District since I first wrote about the race between incumbent Democrat Loretta Sanchez and Republican Van Tran.  Having to run a real campaign for the first time in a long while, Sanchez also faces a Hispanic independent candidate on the ballot.  Factor in the strong campaign that ‘Young Gun’ Tran is waging, and it all spells trouble for the incumbent this fall.

As a sign the race is slipping away from Sanchez, she recently took to the air waves and attacked the Vietnamese community, accusing them of trying to take her seat.  The fact that a Member of Congress would resort to such a low tactic shows how desperate Sanchez is to cling to power.  Maybe if she spent a little less time hobnobbing at the Playboy Mansion and a little more paying attention to her constituents, she could have avoided this situation – but luckily for voters looking for conservative values in their representation, she’s neglected her seat.

With polling numbers showing Tran within the margin of error of Sanchez and non-partisan political handicapper Charlie Cook moving the race from “Likely D” to “Lean D” over the summer, CA-47 is shaping up to be a headache for national Democrats on election night.  Given the recent events in the district and developing position of Van Tran, you’re definitely going to want to keep an eye on this seat.

Loretta Sanchez' Vulnerability

This November, frustrated California voters will have an opportunity to put an end to the Loretta Sanchez-Nancy Pelosi agenda. After voting with her party boss almost 98 percent of the time, Sanchez has repeatedly put partisan politics over her constituents’ best interests. And in a time of high unemployment, Sanchez isn’t doing middle-class families any favors by rubber-stamping her party’s failed economic policies. As Southern California voters head to the polls this fall, they have a perfect opportunity to finally hold Pelosi puppet Loretta Sanchez accountable.

Brian Walsh

Brian Walsh is the Political Director of the National Republican Congressional Committee.