Brent Bozell

Network television is a pretty dreary place in the summer time. It's somehow the perfect time for Hollywood executives to throw millions of dollars at ever-dumber sexualized content. It's hard to tell what offends more, the raunch or the sheer stupidity of it all.

The network calling itself "the CW" is barely noticed at any time of the year, if quality were a determinant. So instead they seem to be competing for some kind of Nobel Sleaze Prize this summer with a Miami-based "reality" show called "The Catalina."

Hotel owner Nathan Lieberman developed the show simply to promote bookings at his own hotel. That is how pedestrian our "entertainment" media have become. Illogical, too: Lieberman told one interviewer his audience is too young to book rooms with him. "The CW is a good fit for us because their demographic is very young. Even though at The Catalina the rates aren't inexpensive enough for the spring-break-type crowd, eventually they will grow up and have memories of the place they would like to visit again."

After watching the show, it is fair to suggest it's Lieberman and his oversexed employees who have the growing up to do. With only a limited run of episodes, "The Catalina" had to make an immediate impact, so they ramped up the raunch from the debut episode. Viewers were introduced to staffers such as David: "I love David," said one female employee. "He's just a big ball of horny energy."

Apparently, he's competing with Eyal the bartender, who explained his sexual preference thusly: "What's my preference? My preference is very, very pretty. In any form. I do men, I do women, I do couples. ... If you're pretty, it's good."

The Parents Television Council tagged this show as "Worst of the Week" four times in six weeks. In the third episode, as the hotel prepared to promote a book called "Sex in South Beach," Eyal proclaimed, "This is a sex weekend. I think we should all have sex with each other." He asserted, "Sex cures the world. It's the answer to your problems. It's the answer to everything."

It certainly wasn't the answer for the CW. The show debuted to almost a million viewers, but quickly dropped to an average of about a half-million viewers. Even hormonal teenagers can see the stupidity.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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