Brent Bozell
Delay and indecision are beginning to define the Obama administration. One matter the Obama Justice Department cannot decide is whether to file an appeal to the Supreme Court in the "fleeting profanity" case called Fox vs. FCC. They've filed two extensions to kick the can down the road. Their latest deadline is April 21. Without an appeal, the Second Circuit's evisceration of any limitation on broadcast cursing will stand.

That's right. All bets will be off. If you think the Idiot Box is foul now, wait until Hollywood is allowed to be as gross as it wants.

Some commentators will obviously apply the expected gravity argument. We're in three wars, have a $1.5 trillion deficit, and really, it's crucial to prevent Paris Hilton from swearing at a televised awards show? But Obama's Justice Department is making small decisions all the time.

They jumped in to defend a first-year Muslim math teacher in Illinois against what they called the "head wind of intolerance" when she demanded 19 days off to attend the Hajj in Saudi Arabia. They've joined the ACLU in a suit in South Carolina demanding prisoners have the right to get better reading material in the mail than the Bible. They look more sympathetic to the reading habits of violent criminals than the viewing habits of parents with small children.

That's not to say the Obamas would suggest they're lazy in overseeing their children's television habits.

"They can only watch the kid-TV channels for the most part, because you just never know," Mrs. Obama insisted. She said the two girls are allowed to watch television only on weekends because the TV set is completely off limits during the week, on school nights.

That sounds fairly strict on a personal level. But on a political level, is that all the Obamas plan to offer on broadcast decency? Hey, "you just never know"? Why doesn't Mrs. Obama apply the same attitude toward our children's food intake?

Did Barack Obama somehow miss the tally when Congress voted in 2006 not merely to keep the FCC policing broadcast indecency, but to multiply by tenfold the fines it could impose? The House version of the bill passed by a landslide of 379 to 35. Barack Obama was in the Senate when it passed by unanimous consent.

But federal judges don't look at polls. These judges, apparently educated people with law degrees, found the F-bomb rules too confusing to understand.

Brent Bozell

Founder and President of the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell runs the largest media watchdog organization in America.
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