Bill Tatro

It’s been stated if you’re young and not a liberal, you don’t have a heart.  It’s also been said if you’re old(er) and not a conservative, you don’t have a brain. 

Since becoming a columnist for Townhall Finance, it would be easy for most readers to characterize me as a fiscal conservative (somewhere between Limbaugh and Savage), and dramatically outspoken on the economic and financial direction of the world. 

As you may already know, I firmly believe the next twelve months will be a disaster for the financial markets. 

With all that said, it’s time to set my political record straight.  My dad’s side of the family were entrenched Democrats, and my godfather, John Fabrizi, was a former Upstate New York Democratic Chairman. 

After graduating from college, I became the Vice President of the New York State Young Democrats.  At age 21, I was one of the youngest Democratic candidates in state history to run for State Assembly. 

I viewed the Democratic Party as honest, caring, and responsible, as well as an organization that boasted great names like Truman, Kennedy, and Humphrey.  These were men of principle that would do battle during the day, and socialize with their opponents (not considered enemies) at night. 

It was a political organization that had a big heart, and it made me feel very comfortable.  Then it happened.  Not immediately over night, but gradually over time. 

I’m referring to Democrats moving further and further from the center.  As time passed, I became an educator, a businessman, and a financial advisor. 

I witnessed firsthand how regulations and taxes stifled growth and entrepreneurship.  I discovered how Keynesianism was the death knell for an economy, and I observed conservatism become not only the future hope for America, but also the threat to the new Democratic Party. 

Thus, changing political affiliations was not only easy; it was the right thing to do.  My principles hadn’t changed, nor my values, it was the Democratic Party that dramatically changed course. 

Currently, I listen to the fierce attacks which paint the Tea Party as extremists.  In reality, extremism can now accurately describe the Democrat Party. 

The stirring for European socialism at the expense of free market capitalism is contrary to everything our great country stands for. 

If my staunch Democratic family, friends, and leaders of bygone days were alive to see how their party has been hijacked by Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, James Hoffa, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, they would be truly appalled. 

Bill Tatro

Along with his 40-years of dedication in the financial services industry, Bill is the President and CEO of GPSforLife, has recently authored a highly successful book entitled 44th: A Presidential Conspiracy, publishes his dynamic monthly financial newsletter MacroProfit, and faithfully continues his third decade on the radio with It’s All About Money, which can be heard weekdays on Money Radio in Phoenix and in podcast form on his website (and on smartphone apps) published at weekdays at 5pm Eastern. Bill can be reached via email at and on Twitter @tatroshow.