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“Palin used to be about the people, but she isn’t anymore. These days, Palin is all about Palin…”

Ouch! Did I really hear that comment on a “conservative” radio talk show?

It happened last week after former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin appeared on NBC-TV with Jay Leno. I was listening online to talk show hosts Barry Young and Michele Larson at Phoenix, Arizona’s 550 KFYI radio, as they discussed, among other things, whether Palin’s TV appearance had made her look more, or less, “presidential.”

“Karen,” a caller to the show, claimed that she had been one of the several hundred people who gathered outside a Phoenix-area store where Palin appeared last December, and waited overnight for the opportunity to meet Palin and purchase an autographed copy of her book.

When, after all those hours of waiting, Karen finally got in the door to see Palin, she was forbidden from taking a photo with the former Governor. “They actually took your photo for you when you were speaking with Palin” Karen explained to the two Arizona talk show hosts, “and then they would try to sell you a copy of it for twenty dollars after you got through the line.” And it seems that the selling of the photos was the deal-breaker for Karen and her admiration for Palin. According to her, Palin, who was apparently at one time all “about the people,” was now gratuitously “all about Palin.”

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Whether or not you liked Palin’s performance on “The Tonight Show,” and whether or not you think Palin has a future in American politics, are both interesting topics that are worthy of discussion. But I’m not interested in debating those matters here.

For the moment, I’m far more concerned with people who purport to be “former fans” of Palin (later that same day a caller to my own talk show expressed similar disgust, stating that "Sarah has totally sold out” – whatever that means), but now are somehow offended or “put-off” by her. What’s the problem? Her rising celebrity status? Her venturing into national media? Her apparent financial success?

Austin Hill

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