Armstrong Williams

Right now the Democratic talking points are that we should raise or repeal the debt ceiling to “pay our bills.” Liberals have some pretty illogical ideas—like shutting down the government to give Planned Parenthood a few hundred million dollars, or raising everyone’s taxes in order to tax the top 2%--but this one might be the hardest to grasp of all.

During Obama's most recent press conference he once again threw down the gauntlet to Republicans, refusing to discuss spending cuts during the debt ceiling debate. He also stated that it would be Republicans’ fault for any negative economic consequences from the federal government’s inability to borrow money, or if veterans and Social Security recipients stop getting their checks.

Sound familiar? Sound any more logical than before?

The President is the executive of our country’s laws; his job is to enforce and “take care” that the laws are carried out. He is the one who spends money. It is the Secretary of Treasury—whose job is to implement the President’s orders and who is answerable completely to the President—who borrows money and spends it directly.

The President claims that since Congress appropriates funds, this is a matter of “paying our bills.”

Saddest of all, Obama says we are “not a deadbeat nation,” when, if anything, that is exactly what this situation tells us. Anyone who needs to go deeper into debt to pay their bills is in serious trouble. Anyone who has to take out a loan to buy their groceries is going to starve.

Further, what is the point of having a debt ceiling if it is summarily raised without any debate anytime it is reached? At least the liberals who want to repeal the debt ceiling are consistent: they want no limit on borrowing, no matter how reasonable.

As with the last debt ceiling crisis and with the fiscal cliff debate, Obama is hoping that the Republicans will be frightened into submission and that they will forget the fact that he also bears responsibility for the execution of the law. The mainstream media is glad to help the president, and so he is rightly confident that he can always set the agenda and control the narrative, no matter how stupid his ideas.

The only true way to defend the American people and our way of life is to forget about the consequences of being blame. Obama is a cheap political hack: he’ll criticize the Republican House no matter what happens. There’s no point in trying to get on his good side: it is emphatically not in his interest to have a good side.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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