Armstrong Williams

The reason why President George Bush’s numbers are wallowing in the low 30s, why he's so unpopular abroad, and why there’s so much anger against him in his own country is for the simple reason that he got us into a major mess in Iraq. Every Democratic candidate and many of the Republicans at one time in the field, knew that in order to have any chance of winning the White House they had to distance themselves from President Bush and this Iraqi conflict. Senator John McCain, as this week’s nomination confirmation proved, is the exception because he is, and has been, the “war candidate.”

Senator McCain's unyielding support for our President was paid huge dividends when Mr. Bush glowingly endorsed him for President. No matter how Bush's critics spin this, McCain will only benefit from the President's huge financial war chest and his potential to unify the party around the Senator from Arizona. Most Americans have known for sometime the Senator's unapologetic support of this war and how he has every intention of continuing it on his watch if elected. It is necessary that McCain distinguishes himself from Obama and place his fortunes on the success or lack there of in Iraq.

McCain believes that his road to the White House is paved by victories in Iraq. If the insurgency is quelled by the troop surge which McCain supported, he will look like the perfect Commander in Chief for today’s dangerous world. If, however, the mess in Iraq gets messier, than his support of the war and troop surge will show he is merely “Bush Light” or “Bush Heavy” depending on how you look at it – and frankly, even Republicans don’t want that right now. Americans want change; change in leadership, change in policies, and especially change in Iraq.

If Americans are voting for McCain because of his support of the war, then will his election in November mean that President Bush will leave office with approval ratings above 60%? Of course not! So I am shocked to see that so many people voted for a candidate that is supporting an unpopular war and president. This proves to me that conservatives are rallying around the Republican nominee because they do not want a liberal Democrat running the country. Unfortunately though, it’s difficult to win an election by focusing on the failures of the other guy. John Kerry proved that in 2004.

Armstrong Williams

Armstrong Williams is a widely-syndicated columnist, CEO of the Graham Williams Group, and hosts the Armstrong Williams Show. He is the author of Reawakening Virtues.
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