Andrew Marcus

That the Tea Party has been under attack is not exactly news to Tea Partiers, though we are grateful that the rest of the country has finally taken notice. Much ado was made of the fact that the Tea Party seemed to wield a smaller political footprint in 2012 than in 2010, but nobody ever suggested that the reason for that might be that it was harassed away by its own Executive Branch. Perhaps things would have been different had Andrew Breitbart been alive, for nobody defended the Tea Party as passionately and tirelessly as he did. As the director of Hating Breitbart, which was released in theaters nationwide and digitally on May 17th, I had the distinct privilege of following Andrew during the closing years of his life, crisscrossing the country from Tea Party to Tea Party as Andrew defended its right to advocate on behalf of American Exceptionalism, small and limited government, and fiscal responsibility. I also watched him defend the Tea Party against false accusations of racism, radicalism, and violence - and, above all, I watched him indict the mainstream media for its complicity in spreading Obama's propaganda.

What I did not realize at the time, however, was that I was also documenting Andrew's parting gift to all of us - an instruction manual for how to fight back. We need this now more than ever before.

Censoring free speech seems easy these days: you simply frighten people into not speaking at all - that way you don't have to bother with suppressing what they may have already said. Such is life in the United States of America under Barack Obama in 2013. Dr. Anne Hendershott, a Conservative Roman Catholic, sociologist, and author, found that out the hard way. Dr. Hendershott apparently has a problem with the federal government telling Roman Catholics how to practice Roman Catholicism - so she wrote about it. The Blaze reported that after publishing a number of articles critical of Obama, Obamacare in particular, and George Soros, the IRS called her up and demanded to know who was paying her and "what their politics were."

Oh, but it gets better. If you're interested in starting a Tea Party, the IRS wants to join! Central Texas 912 President Maria Acosta was instructed to provide login information to their group's website, and the Richmond Tea Party was told to provide webpages "that are accessible only to your members."

Yes, you read that correctly. And no, we're not in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union collapsed some years ago. This is something entirely new. This is Hope & Change.

Andrew Marcus

Andrew Marcus is a writer and director based in Chicago. His newest project is HATING BREITBART, a feature-length documentary releasing in theaters October 19. A graduate of the film school at the Art Institute of Chicago, Andrew began his career documenting protests. Why protests? "Any time you get more than a handful of people together in a space, you get human drama," he says. "I find the human behavior that occurs at protests to be fascinating."