Anti-CRT Advocate Chris Rufo: 'They are Teaching Children Whiteness Is the Devil'

Posted: Jul 06, 2021 3:45 PM
Anti-CRT Advocate Chris Rufo: 'They are Teaching Children Whiteness Is the Devil'

Source: AP Photo/Mary Altaffer, File

Christopher Rufo, a prominent leader in the anti-Critical Race Theory (CRT) movement, went on MSNBC Tuesday morning to speak out yet again against critical race theory.

"What I'm concerned about, and what millions of parents are really concerned about is things that are happening in hundreds of public schools in Illinois and Chicago, where they're teaching children as young as kindergarten that whiteness is the devil and attempts to lure people into it with the promise of stolen land and stolen riches."

The book Rufo mentions is called "Not My Idea" and is "A Book About Whiteness," written by Anastasia Higginbotham. Aside from being taught to kindergartens in Illinois, the book has found ground in Pennsylvania where Gladwyne Elementary School requires fourth and fifth graders to read the book. 

Children who read this book are told adults hide bad things from them because they are scared, and do not know how to tell their children about injustice. Higginbotham explains that the problem is of course racism, which as these children recently learn, "is a white person's problem and we are all caught up in it--mostly by refusing to look at it."

"Understanding the truth takes courage. Especially a painful truth about your own people, your own family" the book asserts. "Even people you love may behave in ways that show they think they are the good ones."

The girl portrayed in the story goes to the library and picks up a book called "Our Shared History," which dictates: "In the United States of America, white people have committed outrageous crimes against Black people for four hundred years. All along, every step of the way, people who love justice and love each other have been fighting back."

Colin Kaepernick is listed as a black liberationist. In the activities section at the back of the book, there is the image of a contract that says: "Contract binding you to WHITENESS you get: stolen land, stolen riches, special favors," and "WHITENESS gets: to mess endlessly with the lives of your friends, neighbors, loved ones, and all fellow humans of COLOR."

This comes as America's largest teachers union announced further implementation of CRT in schools.