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'To a Bear We All Taste Like Chicken': Senator Kennedy Unloads on Critical Race Theory

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Senator — and national treasure — John Kennedy (R-LA) joined America's Newsroom Tuesday morning to weigh in on the continuing efforts by the Biden administration and leftist teachers' unions to institutionalize Critical Race Theory in America.


Kennedy slammed the divisive theory that seeks to teach "that non-black Americans are racists" and "that they don't much like black people whether those non-black Americans realize it or not."

"That's why critical race theory also teaches that white children are born bad. It teaches that black children are born trapped — there's almost no hope for them," Kennedy explained of the flawed basis for CRT, adding "it's a very fatalistic point of view."

The Louisiana Senator wasn't finished making his point, adding a final evaluation of Critical Race Theory: "In my judgment, Critical Race Theory is cynical, ahistorical, sophomoric, insipid, and dumb as a bag of hair."

He continued, saying "America is not a racist country. We have racists in it, just like everywhere else — but most Americans black and white think a whole lot more about character than they do about race. They believe in equality, and most Americans understand that to a bear we all taste like chicken."


Kennedy's comments come as the National Education Association — America's largest union — issued guidance calling for the implementation of Critical Race Theory-based curriculum in school districts nationwide.

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