Is God a Man, Woman, or Genderless Entity That People Worship? PragerU Answers

Posted: May 21, 2019 5:45 PM

Is God a man, woman, or genderless entity that people worship?

While society debates and presents different ideas of who God is, the Bible clearly refers to the Judeo-Christian God as our Father in Heaven. In a video for Prager University, founder Dennis Prager uses his insight and understanding of the Word to explain why the Bible portrays God as this male, authority figure.

Before answering his proposed question, Prager provides this caveat: Though the Good Book presents God as a He, God is neither male nor female, as He transcends gender.

But the question remains: Why did the Bible's writers describe God as a male? Why did God present Himself as such to those He interacted with in the Old Testament? And why is it that attempts by progressive feminists to make the God of "Western religious morality" less masculine and more feminine are against the world's interests?

According to Prager, the Bible depicts God in masculine terms for three reasons:

1. The Hebrew Bible's primary concern is making a good world.

2. A good world can only be achieved by making good people.

3. The people who commit nearly all of the world's violence are males.

"Therefore, it is in both men's and women's interests to depict God in the masculine," Prager states.

To understand what Prager means by this, and to get a more in-depth explanation of Prager's three reasons for why the Bible describes God as masculine, watch the video above.

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