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PragerU Commencement Address: 3 Life Lessons From a Former Navy SEAL

It's that time of year again. Soon to be college graduates across the country, dressed in their regalia, dawning caps and tassels, medallions and honor cords, wait to be conferred their respective degrees. During their ceremony, they listen to their commencement speaker congratulate them on all of their accomplishments and offer words of encouragement as they prepare to take their first step into post-undergrad life. The speakers do their best to impart these accomplished students with life lessons and advice on how to take on new challenges they are bound to face.

In a new video by Dennis Prager's Prager University, retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink delivers PragerU's commencement address, where he gives every American three principles to embody.

1. Be Disciplined

As you move through life, you will set a variety of goals for yourself. Whether those goals are personal or career driven, some days you'll be motivated to work toward achieving them, while other days will be harder as that motivation, that driving force, is absent.

Do you want to start working out at the gym every day? Do you want to begin waking up earlier in the morning? Do you want to stay up late to finish that work project? While motivation is fleeting, discipline isn't. That will help you get the job done.

2. Be Humble

There will be times in your life when you'll be asked to perform a job or task that you think is beneath you. Just look at what Willink had to do as his first Navy SEAL assignment, right after he completed the grueling training and officially joined the ranks of one of the most elite forces in the United States military. 

Stay humble. Don't think anything is beneath you, and carry out and finish every job or task to the best of your ability. But as Willink notes, your humility must not sacrifice your confidence.

3. Take Ownership

No excuses. You're the one who's in control of your life. Own it.

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