TRIGGERED Podcast: China Has Adopted Something To Keep Its Citizens In Check–And It’s Straight Up Creepy

Posted: Sep 20, 2018 3:57 PM

We’re back. Episode 13 is here. And of course, Brett Kavanaugh remains the topic of discussion. The accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, has now agreed to testify before Congress…just not on Monday, the date set by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Yet, while recording, that was unknown. Senate Republicans have given Ford a lot of latitude to get this incident on the record. It’s an incident that’s incredibly shoddy. It happened over 30 years ago, she couldn’t remember how she got to the party, who owned the house, where it was held, and how this party came about in the first place. She has no corroborative witnesses, all three accused denied this incident occurring and some can’t even remember a party. At this party, she alleges that a then drunken 17-year-old Kavanaugh tried to sexually assault her. This allegation was dropped at the last minute, which makes the whole development suspect. It’s very possible that this is a politically motivated hit job. Ford had until tomorrow to give her answer concerning testimony, otherwise, the Kavanaugh nomination was moving forward.

Across the Pacific, China has an app that’s straight out of Netflix’s Black Mirror: 200 million cameras grade people based on their social activity. People who drink too much, play too many video games, trash the government, or do any number of things that the higher-ups in the country’s political elite find objectionable can get demerits. High scores warrant VIP treatment, priority in job applications, discounted loans, and better chances of obtaining slots in higher education institutions. So, just behave, be good communists, and don’t trash authority. Sounds like your typical authoritarian utopia, huh? 

Back stateside, Florida man has resurfaced. The endless stream of stories about the sheer insanity of residents from the Sunshine State never ceases to amaze. This week, a man is creating chaos in his neighborhood because he does all of his yard work naked. Yes, the kids can see, yes the police have been called, but they cannot arrest him. 

Now, while naked Florida people doing yard work cannot be arrested, the institutional Left does probably feel that some comedians should be due to their politically incorrect routines that are guilty of nothing more than being abjectly hilarious. Dave Chappelle had some jokes about transgender people and now he needs to be attacked. In this era, a large chunk of Chappelle’s Show would cause nationwide meltdowns on college campuses. Many comedians have avoided this circuit because kids are just humorless, politically correct busybodies who have successfully killed comedy in some parts of the country. Chevy Chase, a former SNL alum, trashed the latest incarnation of the sketch show, calling its humor the worst in the world.

Oh, and Congress is mulling a three-month $854 billion stopgap measure, which doesn’t include border wall funding. Shutdown Theater is coming soon, folks.