Triggered: The Philly Mayor Did A Happy Dance Over Sanctuary City Status, And Then An Illegal Alien Raped A Five-Year-Old

Posted: Aug 09, 2018 4:05 PM

Well, Philly Mayor Jim Kenney did the happy dance over his city’s sanctuary city status. He’s even taking a stand against Immigration and Customs Enforcement because resist Trump, right? Yeah, well, his dumb policy position is yielding not so flattering stories, like an illegal alien who raped a five-year-old. Gee—maybe if we have public officials who would—you know—swear to enforce federal immigration laws, these tragic stories can be reduced big league. But alas, Democrats are terrible people.  

LeBron James is catching some hell for his new education initiative in Ohio, some woman in Florida is charged with indecent exposure after running around naked, fleeing what she thought was a giant spider while high on methamphetamine and crack cocaine. Jim Acosta is now starting to give his liberal media colleague heartburn with his antics, and Storm is sick to death of all this superhero movie bulls**t. Also, never fly on Spirit Airlines—ever. Episode Three of triggered is below: