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Yes, Comments Are Back! But There Are A Few More Things To Know

Dear Townhall readers, comments are back–and we’re glad you’re enjoying the new comments system. However, there are a few additional notes.

First, this is an entirely new system. To readers who had accounts with us before we transitioned to Facebook in March, I regret to inform you that you will need to re-register as all that information has been discarded. Additionally, some of you are having trouble completing your registrations, so here’s the news on that end. If your Internet provider is EarthLink, Verizon, or Cox, for some reason, these companies block all Townhall emails. You may have to contact those providers directly to see if they can remedy the problem on their end.


Luckily, it would appear that emails from our editors are unaffected. That’s a good thing. That means we can still contact you!

In that case, most of you already know the drill: you send us a general inquiry. This email will be forwarded to our technical support team, who will then verify your account. An email from one of our editors will be sent to you regarding the confirmation of your account.

There is no need to change passwords; you will be able to log into the system using the email and password information you entered in the registration form.

There’s no need to wait for confirmation emails if you have those Internet providers we listed above. An email from our editors will confirm that the process is complete. After that, try logging in and have fun debating on the threads.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Over the next few weeks, we will be working to streamline the process to verify accounts and address password issues.


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