French Group Claiming To Fight Islamophobia Charged With Plotting Terrorist Attacks

Posted: Jun 09, 2015 7:30 PM

Forsane Alizza, a French Islamic group which claimed to be fighting Islamophobia, has been charged with planning a terrorist attack.

The fourteen members of Forsane Alizza, which translates to "The Knights of Pride," were charged on Monday with "criminal conspiracy related to a terrorist enterprise" and illegal possession of weapons. The charges came after a hit list was discovered:

The “hit list” was found during a March 2012 raid on the home of group leader Mohamed Achamlane, 37, in which they also seized an English-language manual on how to build a nuclear bomb, along with three demilitarised assault rifles, three revolvers and “easy recipes” for home-made explosives.

On Achamlane’s hard disk, investigators found a file called “target.txt”, containing the names of ten Jewish stories, five of which belonged to Hyper Cacher.

The defense is claiming that there wasn't any intent for the group to carry out these attacks, they only wanted to "unite young Muslims." (Do they really expect that argument to hold up in court? Why would a group of people go through the trouble of creating a hit list and gathering weapons if they weren't going to commit an attack?)

And then there's this:

The group was created in 2010 with the official goal of stopping the spread of Islamophobia. It staged several public protests against banning the full veil, later producing a video glorifying Oussama bin Laden, the late al Qaeda leader. In a web chat, its leader went on to praise the Mohamed Merah killings as “a blessing from Allah” and to pledge inflicting more “scars on France”.

Maybe this Islamic group is trying to unite young Muslims- unite young Muslim in committing acts of terror against innocent civilians in the name of jihad.

The religion of peace, ladies and gentlemen.

Editor's note: This post was written by Aaron Bandler.