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Townhall Media Taps Conn Carroll as New White House Correspondent

Townhall Media, a national leader in conservative news, announced today that former Townhall Magazine editor, Conn Carroll, will be assuming the role of White House Correspondent at the onset of 2015. Carroll is the first to occupy the position for the new media company and will be reporting for and other properties in the Townhall Media portfolio.

“We are constantly searching for ways to provide our readers with the most relevant, political news—in real time. Conn’s new assignment will dramatically increase these efforts,” explained Townhall Media Vice President & General Manager, Jonathan Garthwaite. “We look forward to providing conservatives with first-hand coverage of President Obama’s final two years in office; and we are thrilled to have Conn help bring the best possible reporting to our readers in this new capacity.”

A veteran writer with over 15 years of Beltway knowledge and experience, Conn has worked previously for the Washington Examiner and National Journal. He also served as Assistant Director of Strategic Communications for the Heritage Foundation, where he created the think tank’s first rapid-response blog.


"I couldn't be more excited about covering the White House for Townhall. President Obama has already shown he plans to be busy his final two years, and I can't wait to tell the story,” remarked Carroll.

A native of Oakland, CA, Conn is a graduate of the George Mason University Law School and a former member of the D.C. bar. He first joined Townhall Media as editor of Townhall Magazine in October of 2013.

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