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It’s Time Conservatives Boycotted HBO & Time Warner


The latest insult (filming President Bush’s Decapitated Head on a Spike) from HBO is enough to put me over the edge.   Join me and ensure HBO and Time Warner feel some economic pain.  Jeffrey Bewkes are you listening?

It is time to close our wallets to HBO and all Time Warner Divisions.    It is time for conservatives to “vote with their feet” and choose other programing, movies, and products. 

Here is a list of simple actions each conservative individual can take (these are my opinions and not those of TownHall or its management):

-          Cancel your subscription HBO.  Fast, simple, effective.

-          Never attend a Warner Bros film the first 4 weeks it comes out.  The Studios usually get a higher percentage of the Box Office dollars the early weeks of a release.  So wait to see their films and get your kids to wait as well.

-          Never buy a Warner Bros DVD new.  Just about every title can be bought on eBay and elsewhere at lower prices used (many under $3).  This also means your dollars will not reach Time Warner. 

-          Be vocal.  Spread the word.  Call the company to complain every time you disagree with the political insults their divisions throw.   A quick Google search will provide names and phone numbers.

Let management hear your voices, and not feel the effect of your spending.

This post was authored by Gwilym McGrew.

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