Fact Check: Obama's New Health Care Plan

Posted: Mar 03, 2010 2:28 PM
Courtesy of the Senate Republican Communications Center comes this quick fact-check of President Obama's health care speech and the unveiling of his new plan:

Claim: Obama today: "If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan. If You Like Your Doctor, You Can Keep Your Doctor."
Fact: Obama last week: "Eight To Nine Million People … Might Have To Change Their Coverage"

Claim: Obama today: "My Proposal Would Bring Down The Cost Of Health Care For … The Federal Government"
Fact: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS): "We Estimate That Overall National Health Expenditures Under This Bill Would Increase By An Estimated Total Of $222 Billion (0.6 Percent) During Calendar Years 2010-2019."
CBO: "Under The Legislation, Federal Outlays For Health Care Would Increase During The 2010–2019 Period, As Would The Federal Budgetary Commitment To Health Care."
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