Obama Bingo Addendum: Obama SOTU Speech Translator

Posted: Jan 27, 2010 1:00 PM
To supplement its Obama Bingo cards, our friends at Americans for Tax Reform have provided the below Key, which players and viewers can use to decipher the President's favorite words and phrases.  Thanks, ATR!

Obama Bingo Key:

“Freeze” – Two Step Diet Plan: 1. Gorge at an all-you-can-eat buffet 2. Repeat for the next three years
“Unprecedented levels” – The current level of government spending, the highest since WW II
“Children and grandchildren” – The people picking up the tab
“Crisis” -- Excuse to hike taxes and grow the government per Rahm Emmanuel’s theory: “Never waste a crisis”
“There are those who…” – [INSERT STRAW MAN HERE]
“Banks” – Recipients of bailout funding not named Government Motors, Fannie Mae, or Freddie Mac
“Wall Street” – Place where your 401(k) and IRA live and where the bank tax would be collected from
“Main Street” – Place where you live and where the rest of Obama’s tax hikes would be collected from
“Middle Class” – Those who make less than $250,000 a year and yet are the target of seven tax hikes in Obamacare
“Hope” – Home town of a former President who could teach Obama a lot about listening to voters when his leftist policies prove
to be unpopular
“Change” – Take-home pay of future generations due to massive spending increases and government expansion
“Bipartisan” – Democrat efforts to get Republican fingerprints on bad pieces of legislation
“Investment” – The government spending your tax dollars
“As I’ve said before” – Prepare for a poll-tested line from stump speeches
“Washington special interests” – Lobbyists who comply with the law, unlike the SEIU’s Andy Stern
“Status quo” – A $100 billion hike in domestic spending which Obama wants to “freeze”
“Let me be clear” – Prepare yourself for meaningless truism
“Tax cuts to 95% of working families” – Don’t ask about the $2.1 trillion in tax hikes proposed or endorsed during my first year
“Executive pay” – A serious problem because large cash awards are only appropriate when politicians dole out taxpayer money to the pet projects of their sons, brothers, wives, or campaign contributors
“Trillion-dollar deficit” – The new definition of fiscal austerity in the Obama era, which he wants to “freeze”
“Sacrifice” – Tax hikes
“Bailout” or “TARP funding” – Monies issued by the federal government, most of which has been returned except from Government Motors and other Obama allies
“Recovery Package” – Politically correct term for “stimulus package”
“Too big to fail” – Definition of a company favored by Obama allies and/or Federal Reserve technocrats

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