Selected Reader Comments

Posted: Nov 13, 2009 11:58 AM
In response to "Van Hollen: Health Care Bill Is Key To Electoral Success," DanNV writes:  
What we have here is a propaganda campaign pure and simple. It is the message that the White House and the Dem leadership has been pushing since this abomination, "Obamination." passed the House. It is nothing more than another (false) attempt to persuade shaky Democrats to support certain disaster for their party.

What is so curious is that...they are standing on the same side of the limb they are sawing off.... for all those in their party that they count on to pass the legislation, [it] will end their political careers.

In response to "Ft. Hood Shooting Not Breaking Point For Obama Wafflers... But It's Close," SJA writes: 
Having lost some friends on 9/11 as did my children I am appalled by this decision. What it does show is that Obama is far more concerned about his Muslim buddies than he is about those poor families who have already suffer so much. This will become a circus and all the rights will definitely go to the Muslim extremists. A very sad day for our country.