What's Hot Thursday

Posted: Aug 21, 2008 11:53 AM

What are the most popular stories around the web this morning?  Townhall does the surfing so you don't have to.

Politico:  Obama Rips Fox News

Wall Street Journal:  Obama Played By Chicago Rules

New York Times:  Two Against the One

ABC News:  Russia Makes New Threats Over U.S.-Poland Missile Deal

Los Angeles Times:  A Son of Illegal Immigrants, US Wrestlers Hoists Flag

Boston Globe:  Some Scientists Sharing Results

Washington Post:  A Few Speculators Dominate Market for Oil Trading

New York Post:  Dad's Deep Divide With Swim King

Newsweek:  Readers Fend Off Croc Assault

Time Magazine:  A Family Suicide Risk in U.S. Asians?

Slate:  Skirting the Issues

Chicago Tribune:  Tribune Investigation Leads to Crash Probe

Philadelphia Inquirer:  Boldin Making Noise

CNN:  Witness: Tortured Boy Didn't Have to Die

FOX News:  Man Jailed After Photo of Police Ignoring Road Sign

US News & World Report:  Applegate's Breast Reconstruction Surgery

And on Townhall.com:

         Ann Coulter:  Law Prof. Obama Questions Legality of Slave Ban
         Larry Elder:  McCain vs. Obama: Showdown at Saddleback
         George Will:  The Good Paternalism
         Amanda Carpenter:  Obama Adviser Slammed for 'Covert' Diplomacy
         Amanda Carpenter:  Limbaugh Wants Obama-Biden Ticket