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Finally – a strict constructionist ruling from the Supreme Court.  Today is a good day and conservatives across the country, especially the legal scholars, need to praise the Court and encourage more rulings on these grounds.


Now, naturally, my first reaction was to hear what the liberals had to say….that’s the political energy that fuels me.  So I listened to Dianne Feinstein’s comments, and Chicago mayor Richard Daley’s comments and others and realized that they have no logical argument…just the propagation of fear.  They fear random gunfights and Wild West shoot outs, meanwhile they have their security teams carrying firearms, and they don’t live in the neighborhoods where you really have to worry about such things.  But the beauty of living in a society where gun ownership is a fundamental right is just that – you should be afraid that everyone has the ability to harm you, and you should feel protected by arming yourself. 

And like all of Barack Obama’s statements, this one appeals to your emotion, but makes no political sense and in no way identifies his position on major public policy.  So does he agree with the Supreme Court?  It’s either a fundamental right to self defense or it’s one the government can snatch away whenever a new sheriff comes to town.  What do you believe, Senator?


A great book is John Lott’s More Guns Less Crime.  He digs into the real statistics and the psychological profiles of criminals who prey on those who are the least likely to defend themselves.  It’s disgusting, but what’s even worse is a government that forces you to rely on their public services – meaning the cops who take 30 minutes to show up, if at all – as your first line of defense.   

Yes, this is frightening – for criminals who should fear breaking into a little old lady’s house who just may have a loaded gun in her nightstand.  This is a major victory but it’s not the end…there are many more fights and we can’t trust liberal politicians who are in charge of turning this ruling into sound law to do an about face just because the Supreme Court says so.  Now I’m going to start working on garnering support for concealed carry in D.C…

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