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NewsBusters Shows The Democrat-Media Complex Is Real

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Here is a gentle reminder from the good folks over at NewsBusters that the Democrat-Media Complex is indeed real, and that nearly the exact same talking points regarding Ukraine, President Trump, and impeachment are being diffused repeatedly by both the mainstream media and members of the Democratic Party. 


As Bill D'Agostino describes, "What follows is a compilation video of some of the liberal media's greatest minds spouting DNC talking points. These journalists have not had their words taken out of context while attempting to summarize the Democrats’ position. Whether or not they they were intentionally regurgitating the words of Democrats, they did so without attributing their words to anyone." 

So, what is the Democrat-Media Complex? As the late Andrew Breitbart describes it, Rush Limbaugh informed him of this corruption and bias and that as soon as he saw the Democrats and media were working hand in hand, he could not un-see it.

"If you've ever been to Coney Island and you see those holograms," Breitbart told the Hoover Institute, "where there's a picture of the Empire State Building and you're supposed to squint and you just go ahead and you squint and squint but you can't see it, but eventually you see the Eiffel Tower....and then once you see the Eiffel Tower, you can't not see the Eiffel Tower?"

"And through every day Rush Limbaugh analyzing the source material of the world - The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, ABC CBS and NBC he was able to create for me very vivid picture that the people who were allegedly objective and neutral reporters and journalists were the frontline of the political battle," Breitbart explained in his comparison and praise of Limbaugh.


"And they used their 'objectivity' as their greatest weapon because they were telling young impressionable people like me who believed in Woodward and Bernstein and who believed in Walter Cronkite, "Wait a second you're telling me that perhaps ideology played a role in how they interpreted stories or how they chose one story over the other?" And so then the matrix or the Democrat-Media Complex became everything to me, in fact when discussing politics, I always turn it back to the complex. It's always about seeing the world and hoping that people see the Eiffel Tower." 

So, thanks NewsBusters, for pointing out "The Eiffel Tower" on Ukraine and impeachment. 


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