America's Top 10 Most Popular Governors Are Republican

Posted: Oct 21, 2019 2:00 PM
America's Top 10 Most Popular Governors Are Republican

Source: AP Photo/Eric Gay

How many times have you heard from the Trump hating mainstream media that the GOP is dying in the age of President Donald J. Trump? Probably hundreds, if not thousands, right? Well, at the state level, Republican governors are the most popular in the nation. According to a recent Morning Consult Poll, the top 14 most popular governors hail from the Grand Ol' Party. Eighteen of the top 20 are Republican, too.

But, just who exactly comprises the top 10? Here's the list along with approval ranking: 

1. Charlie Baker (R - MA)  73% favorability 

2.  Larry Hogan (R - MD)  70% favorability 

3. Phil Scott(R - VT)  64% favorability

4. Mark Gordon (R - WY) 63% favorability

5.  Chris Sununu (R - NH) 62% favorability

6.  Kevin Stitt (R - OK) 59% favorability 

7. Brad Little (R - ID) 59% favorability

8.  Greg Abbott (R - TX) 59% favorability 

9.  Asa Hutchinson (R - AR)  59% favorability

10. Doug Burgum (R-ND) 58% favorability 

As for the Democrats in the top 20, just Gov. John Carney from Delaware and Gov. Steve Bullock made the top 20. The Democrats also have eight of the top 10 most disliked governors as well. It should be noted that the GOP Top 10 contains a varied mix in terms of conservative ideology. Critics would be quick to point out that Govs. Baker, Hohan, and Scott are all fairly moderate, arguably, liberal Republicans. Other governors like Texas's Abbott and Oklahoma's Stitt are more conservative. Regardless, if anything, this shows the GOP truly is a "Big Tent Party" while the Democrats are sorely lacking at the state level.