Whiskey Rebellion: Four Men Escape Federal Prison, Return With Alcohol

Posted: Oct 14, 2019 2:25 PM

Far be it from me to judge a man for his drinking habits. Sometimes, you just need to knock a cold one back to take the edge off. And that's exactly what four federal inmates did Friday night. Four prisoners in Beaumont, Texas reportedly escaped prison, but returned with whiskey and cell phones. According to prison security, this is not the first time they did such a thing either.

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office-Texas' Facebook page reports that authorities "conducted surveillance behind the Federal Prison Complex after repeated reports of prisoners continuing to escape and bring contraband back into the prison complex" on Friday night. During their efforts, "Investigators observed 4 males leave the prison grounds and cut through a neighboring ranch. The inmates ran when they saw the Law Enforcement Officers step out of the brush. All 4 inmates were quickly taken into custody." 

Police confiscated bottles of whiskey and cell phones from the men. Apparently, this prison has notoriously lackadaisical security. In early October, a man was indicted for escaping from the prison. However, its Facebook page promised that the "Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and the U.S. Marshals will continue our efforts to work together to make Jefferson County a safer place to live."

On Twitter, readers seemed impressed the inmates returned. Some just wanted to let them have a drink.