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AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty

Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren was put on the hot seat Wednesday with a very direct question about a Hunter Biden scenario. It seems for the first time in her 2020 Democratic presidential campaign, she cannot say whether or not she has a plan. While Joe Biden was vice president, his son sat on a Ukrainian energy board. He was paid handsomely -- $50,000 a month at least. He had no experience in energy. It seems his only qualification was that he was the son of the vice president. Joe Biden then later pressured the Ukrainian prosecutor, who just so happened to be looking into Hunter's arrangement, to stop investigating his family. The prosecutor complied. This apparent corruption obviously could have been prevented if Hunter was not allowed to accept the job in the first place. So a reporter decided to ask Warren if her VP's kid would be allowed to have such a job in her presidency. Here's the interaction. 


"Can you say whether or not, under a Warren administration, would your vice president's child be allowed to serve on a board of a foreign company?" a reporter asked on Wednesday. 

At first, Warren definitively said, "No." She then became visibly flustered, and said, "I don't know. I mean I’d have to go back and look at the details." 

Other Democrats, like California Congressman Ted Lieu, also see no problem with Hunter's lucrative position that he "earned."

The Hill TV's Saagar Enjeti asked on Wednesday, "The underlying problem here was of course Hunter Biden receiving $50K a month from a Ukrainian energy company. Do you think that that is evidence of corrupt behavior?"

Lieu responded, "No. People sit on boards and they get monetary payments."


What a crock of nonsense. 

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