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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File

Vermont Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders is an idiot when it comes to the economy, but he certainly is not stupid when it comes to his own money. The man owns three homes and is officially a millionaire after his best-selling book. But, Sen. Sanders thinks you are an imbecile who will not notice that as soon as he reached the six-zero threshold, he stopped attacking his new "class" of citizens and started exclusively demonzing billionaires. Has inflation really been so dramatic that you are no longer rich if you are not a billionaire? No, but Sanders cannot attack millionaires while simultaneously being one, so he just hoped nobody would say anything about his word choice change. He thought wrong. 


On Tuesday, Sen. Sanders tweeted, "Billionaires should not exist."

His economic plan essentially wants to tax them out of existence, confiscate their wealth, and redistribute it amongst the masses. You know, like socialism. 

As the satire Twitter account Hale_Razor pointed out, Sanders Twitter history shows his hypocrisy. 

Even the leftist Center for American Progress has noticed that Sanders is a phony when it comes to the rich. In April, they released a blistering video showing how his rhetoric has changed. 

"This counterproductive negative campaigning needs to stop...The Democratic primary must be a campaign of ideas, not of bad-faith smears. Please help play a constructive role in the effort to defeat Donald Trump," Sanders wrote in response. 

Poor Senator Sanders (Or maybe Rich Senator Sanders?). He is just trying make a buck while trying to take your money. What a tough life. Abraham Lincoln is often quoted as saying, "Do I not defeat my enemy by becoming their friend?" or something along those lines. Perhaps Sanders is thinking, "Do I not defeat the millionaires by becoming one?" Who knows. It is tough to understand liberal logic sometimes. 


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