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AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Ahhh, news story headlines. The mainstream media knows how to wield those bad boys better than anybody to make Christians and conservatives look like awful people simply for being, well, Christians and conservatives. The latest example of this comes from the fake news network CNN. On Wednesday, CNN's Caroline Kelly ran the news story "DeVos to visit school that refuses to accommodate trans students." What could this mean? All that really happened was that Betsy Devos, President Trump's Secretary of Education, will visit a Catholic elementary school on Thursday in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The horror!


"Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will attend a roundtable on Thursday at a Pennsylvania Catholic school that subscribes to an anti-trans student policy," Kelly wrote. 

What exactly is the "anti-trans student policy"? It's nothing but Roman Catholic teaching, which really should not be surprising that Harrisburg Catholic Elementary School will teach Catholic teaching. 

But here's how CNN describes it:

The policy characterizes gender-affirming surgery, an option for some transgender individuals, as "understood in Catholic moral terms as self-mutilation and therefore immoral."

"To attempt to make accommodations for such persons would be to cooperate in the immoral action and impose an unacceptable burden on others in the school community," the policy reads.

The policy asserts that Catholic school students' parents "agree that they will not (publicly) act in opposition to Catholic teaching."

"Notification of a student's determination to undergo a sex change procedure or that a student has undergone the procedure ... would violate that agreement," the policy continues. "The student would be ineligible to attend or remain in attendance in a Catholic school."

CNN says "the school visit isn't DeVos's first brush with controversy over transgender rights." The Church views the transgender movement as one that destabilizes the family by ignoring the reality of gender roles. The Catholic church teaches that transgender students and families should be met with respect, but it teaches that transgender ideology is in direct opposition to God's natural law. So how on earth is it controversial that parents are expected to raise their children within the Catholic tradition if they want their students to attend the school? Why is it controversial that DeVos is respecting the freedom of religion and seeking the best education policy in attending the round table? Well, it isn't. But CNN won't tolerate having Christians and conservatives practice their beliefs. 


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