Chicago-Area Man Seeking Attention Claims To Have Given Up On The Republican Party

Posted: Sep 18, 2019 11:35 AM
Chicago-Area Man Seeking Attention Claims To Have Given Up On The Republican Party

Source: AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

A 57-year-old divorced Chicago-area man duped into accepting a made up award from Borat has announced that he has given up on the Republican Party. Former Congressman Joe Walsh said this earlier this week despite seeking the 2020 Republican nomination for the presidency. 

"I've given up on the Republican Party. The Republican Party is a cult. They no longer stand for ideas. The Republican Party right now is all about washing their leader's feet every day," Walsh said Monday. 

However, Walsh still promises "to take our campaign directly to Republican voters, and I'll add, in all 50 states, we're going to campaign in all 50 states." 

"We're going to campaign in South Carolina, Arizona, Nevada, and Kansas, because I believe if we let these Republican voters know that the President of the United States just took away their right to vote," he continued. "They'll march on the headquarters of their state parties to get that right to vote back."

Walsh is upset that some state parties are opting not to waste money on primaries. The fired radio host served in Congress from 2010-2012.

When Walsh announced his candidacy, he told ABC News that he is motivated in part because he helped create President Donald J. Trump.

"I helped create Trump, and George, that's not an easy thing to say," Walsh told Stephanopoulos. "I went beyond the policy and the idea differences and I got personal and I got hateful. I said some ugly things about President Obama that I regret."

Walsh, apparently unaware, is now using the same strategy to defeat Trump by calling the commander-in-chief racist, unfit for command, and "dangerous to America," among other personal attacks.