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Conservative author and powerhouse of a woman Michelle Malkin ventured into one of the worst counties in America on Friday in hopes of shedding light on Montgomery County's unsafe policies that protect illegal immigrants and endanger United States citizens. Malkin, author of Open Borders Inc: Who's Funding America's Destruction, traveled to the Maryland county to face local "leaders" like Marc Elrich who have allowed at least eight alleged rapes at the hands of illegal immigrants to occur in the area in the past two months. As Townhall has covered, the county's legal response to these illegal immigrants has been atrocious. The county board even recently sent a letter blaming conservatives and other Americans concerned with the crime as "neo-Nazis." Malkin was having none of that on Friday. 


Malkin joined radio host Larry O'Connor and a host of other patriotic Americans who travelled to The Old Line State today for a protest titled "Community Rally to Protect Our Families and Children."

As reported by the Daily Caller News Foundation, Malkin said before the event that it would be "a rally of local citizens and some national personalities all gather on the steps of the Montgomery County government complex in Rockville, really taking this fight to the heart of this illegal alien sanctuary space."

"A lot of the local moms there have been raising their voices. What has been the response of the Montgomery County executive and council? To smear them as racists and to associate them with neo-Nazis, they actually did this," she added. "It’s no wonder that a lot of just ordinary, good people don’t want to go up against a government that is endangering them." 

Malkin's speech was complete with her usual tenacity on behalf of the American people. 

"We are the majority & we are silent no more! I hope this entire government structure hears you because they are the public menaces who are threatening the public safety in this county & America," she proclaimed. "Follow the money, find the truth." 


Cameron Gray, who has also been covering illegal immigrant crime in Montgomery County, said that the "best part of the ICE rally was @michellemalkin yelling at @MontgomeryCoMD Executive @Marc_Elrich, who wouldn't even turn around to face her, or any of his citizens calling him out." 

USCIS Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli praised Malkin on Twitter, saying "Kudos to @michellemalkin attending this rally, as she used to live in Montgomery County herself, but had to travel to attend today's rally."


Malkin's book, Open Borders, exposes what she is a concerted effort to undermine American sovereignty via illegal immigration.


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