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Fourth Accused Illegal Immigrant Rapist Arrested In Maryland County In Less Than A Month

AP Photo/Gregory Bull, Fil

An illegal immigrant accused of first-degree rape and attempted second-degree murder was arrested in Montgomery County, Maryland on Monday, making the 26-year-old Honduran national the fourth suspected rapist unlawfully in the country arrested by Montgomery County police in the past month. 

According to the police report, Kevin Mendoza of Silver Spring brutally raped and attempted to murder an unidentified adult woman in an apartment complex on August 16. 

The details are gruesome:

via Montgomery Country PD:

Investigation by SVID detectives has determined that the victim was carrying items from her vehicle parked in the parking lot to the apartment building when she noticed a male that appeared to be following her.  As she unlocked the door to the building, the male suspect grabbed her from behind and threw her to the floor.  The victim attempted to yell and resist but the suspect began to strangle her with his hands.  As the victim continued to attempt to escape the suspect struck her multiple times in the face and head with a closed fist.  The suspect then raped the victim.

It is unclear where Mendoza went next, but the victim was taken to a local hospital for her injuries. While there, "doctors advised detectives that the severity of the strangulation the victim suffered could have resulted in her death."

The police determined Mendoza to be a suspect in the course of their investigation, and after learning he formerly lived at the apartment complex where the alleged crime took place. 

Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed to Kevin Lewis of ABC 7 that Mendoza is in the country illegally. ICE has lodged a detainer, requesting Montgomery Country Police to notify the federal agency before Mendoza is released -- whether on bond or for other reasons -- and transfer him to federal authorities for detainment. 

While Montgomery County does not officially recognize itself a sanctuary county, its protocol makes it a de facto sanctuary county. This means they do not comply with ICE in most situations. 

"Our law enforcement and other support agencies will continue to follow local laws, rules and regulations. As a matter of policy, we do not inquire about anyone's immigration status to support immigration enforcement, nor do we conduct immigration raids or investigations," County Executive Marc Elrich said in a July 2019 government resource page titled, "Montgomery County Supports Immigrants." 

"We also encourage residents to seek help from organizations that provide legal assistance and advice, so individuals will know their rights if they are stopped or detained by ICE," County Council President Nancy Navarro added. 

In mid-August, I reported on the two illegal immigrants accused of repeatedly raping an 11-year-old girl. In July, I reported on the illegal immigrant who targeted more than 25 women addicted to drugs. The foreign national would then offer narcotics in exchange for sex for himself and his associates. All three of these men resided in Montgomery County. Mendoza is just the latest accused illegal immigrant rapist in the area. 

As pointed out by Cameron Gray, how is America supposed to have a conversation regarding the dangers of reckless local immigration policy when it seems unlikely Montgomery County will even have one?

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