'Donald Trump's House Of Wings' Belongs In The Smithsonian

Posted: Jul 25, 2019 11:20 AM

For all the bogus criticism from the left that President Donald J. Trump is out of touch with reality, his numerous appearances on Saturday Night Live prove that the man is actually very much self-aware of his Trumpian personality and how to self-deprecatingly poke fun at himself. 

The latest example of this is the newly resurfaced 2004 "Donald Trump House of Wings" skit. This video has been making the rounds on Twitter after a One America News video researcher rediscovered the gem. 

It features then-real estate mogul Trump in an audaciously hideous yellow ensemble, surrounded by dancing chickens promoting his fictional chicken wings' business.

"Am I saying that I'm a chicken wing expert? No," Trump says to the audience with perfect delivery. "But I am telling you this, the wing is hands down the best part of the chicken. Better than the head. Better than the torso. Better than the back."

He then explains you can get the wings with five different flavors, including "suicidal" and "hellspawn."

The candor that Trump delivers it sounds exactly like his other braggadocious claims from the campaign trail and his presidency. 

Trump's dance moves are charmingly awkward, but his facial expressions are what really make it humorous. It is an embarrassingly cheesy sales pitch, but somehow Trump makes it funny. The song, set to the tune of "Jump!" is also catchy and funny. 

Trump has had many appearances like this which connect the average American to the man. Who could forget his cover of "Green Acres" during the  2005 Emmy Awards?  Trump gave a near-perfect rendition of the television classic, replete with overalls and a goofy straw hat just like the original characters. 

All of this is to say that President Trump knows how to entertain, knows how to be funny, and understands that most Americans have a sense of humor. Nowadays, President Trump reserves his humor for press conferences, such as smirkingly telling Pakistani reporters that he prefers them over American reporters. Or his comments in 2018 while discussing drinking, he hilariously quipped, "I can honestly say I've never had a drink. It's probably one of my only good traits." But wait for a second, the left says he is a megalomaniac, but here he is making fun of the fact that he has such poor traits? 

It requires a certain sense of humor and humility to make comments like that, or to stand in a tacky yellow costume on national TV, or to get in front of Hollywood dressed in overalls and bad singing. But for some reason, the left is so blinded in their hatred for the man that they refuse to recognize these qualities. If they did, they would better understand why so many Americans, who typically are involved in politics, support President Trump. 

When history looks back, they will ask how a man with no political experience got all the way to the White House. The policy discussions can be had in another article, but for this what people should understand is that Trump's subtle self-effacing comedy also had a great deal to play in his election.