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Border Patrol Catches Previously Deported Child Molester Traveling With Family Unit In Arizona

AP Photo/Christian Torrez

The United States Border Patrol arrested a previously deported child molester after catching the pervert sneaking into the United States with five other illegal aliens who were traveling as a family unit in Tucson, Arizona last Wednesday. 

According to News 13, 41-year-old Juan Rojas-Rodriguez was apprehended after Yuma Station border patrol authorities found a group of six illegal aliens while patrolling along the Colorado River. After running initial background checks, agents discovered that Rojas-Rodriguez was a previously deported Mexican national who was convicted of sex with a minor under 14 years of age in California in 1996.

News 13 reports that "Rojas-Rodriguez was last deported in 2008 after immigration officials encountered him at the Lompoc Federal Correction Institution in California." 

The other five individuals were all Guatemalan nationals who identified as a "family unit." Immigration officials are currently processing their paperwork to determine the veracity of their claims. 

As previously reported by Townhall, federal authorities are increasingly suspicious of groups of illegal aliens who identify as a "family unit" because these claims are often made fraudulently in order to subvert U.S. immigration law. 

According to acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement director Matthew Albence, three out of ten "family units" are not actually comprised of family members. 

In May, Albence said that smugglers and traffickers are using false families as a way to drive profit and sneak in individuals into the United States. 

“This industry of smuggling children and trafficking them has been allowed to flourish. These are extensive criminal organizations," Albence said at the time. "They are transnational criminal organizations that have people that work for these organization both in the foreign countries — their working with the cartels in Mexico — and they’ve got people here domestically," he explained. "They’re all working together to facilitate this scourge of human trafficking.”

Rojas-Rodriguez's arrest comes as federal authorities were supposed to start mass deportation raids on Sunday, June 23 but the president unexpectedly delayed these raids for two weeks in hopes that Congress can come to a bipartisan solution on border security. 

In the meantime, Rojas-Rodriguez has been charged with re-entry as a previously deported aggravated felon. 

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