Police: Former Teacher Sackschewsky Sacked More Than $200,000 From High School Show Choir Fund

Posted: Apr 20, 2019 3:18 PM

Hey Big Spender! A former Nebraska high school teacher has been arrested by authorities for "theft and forgery on suspicion of stealing money" from the school's show choir fund. 

According to NBC Local 4, "David Sackschewsky, 46, Grand Island, is charged with felony theft, two counts of Class 2-A felony forgery and two counts of Class 4 felony forgery."

In total, Sackschewsky stole $207,641.28 during his time as the director of the 14 Karat Gold Show Choir at Northwest High School.

As reported by NBC Local 4, "If charged and convicted on all five counts, Sachschewsky could get up to 60 years in prison."

Yet, Mr. Sackschewsky's attorney insists his client is innocent. 

"As far as the merits of the case go, I think he’s not guilty, and we’re prepared to have this out in court,” Attorney Mark Porto said.

“He’s been a legendary figure for a lot of kids. I think that when everything comes to light, when the facts are actually heard in court, people will see that this is an honorable man," he added. 

"I’ve been in regular contact with law enforcement throughout this entire process,” Porto said. “We’ve been open and up front about everything. We’ve provided documents to them so they didn’t need to subpoena things. They know where he lives. They know where my office is, and nevertheless, he was arrested at 4:30 on a Friday of a holiday weekend, when it’s pretty apparent that I wasn’t going to be able to get in touch with a judge to get a bond set.”

As reported by The Independent, "Earlier this month, Northwest accepted Sackschewsky’s resignation. He has been on medical leave since a motor vehicle accident last fall.